Finding Love Online If You’re A Gamer

One of the clear winners of the whole Covid 19 virus first time around was the online video gaming industry. A report conducted in June that looked at one platform, Steam, and it’s use since the Government imposed lockdown in March showed that Within just four weeks of lockdown being introduced, the number of users who had logged in had rose by 50 per cent – from 16 million to 24 million.Clearly, an interest that could be conducted indoors, online and in safety was sure to be popular, and the fact that you can use your mike and headphones to talk to like minded people was also an absolute bonus.

But now, this shared interest in gaming is actually being translated into love. Having a shared interest and hobby is an absolute ice breaker, it gives you something to talk about immediately and helps you to feel comfortable with a new person. In addition, the actual mode of dating online, or talking to people through the likes of chatrooms and zoom calls, is easier if you are already talking to strangers when you are gaming. No wonder Gamer Dating is the newest trend in the increasingly popular world of gamer dating.

Gaming can be many things, it can be exciting – reaching new levels, learning new tricks and cheats, and obviously talking to people all over the world through matches, team games and online challenges. It can also be time consuming, certainly a great way to pass those long days of lockdown, but you can be spending lots of time indoors stuck in front of a screen. It is also a great activity for those who are shy and suffer in social situations, or those who have a disability that means leaving the house can be a problem. But it can be a hobby that makes it difficult to actually meet someone in a more social setting. So no wonder sites like which allow gamers to meet fellow gamers who are looking for romance, are growing in popularity.

Gamers- Dates is such an easy site to use, and encourages you to list your favourite gaming sites so you can search for your perfect player 2. You need to post a real photo, so you are not being matched to someone who has posted an avatar. You are actually encouraged to really show the real you in your profile, to sell your love of gaming, as all the people on this site are already on your wave length – they love gaming too and are also looking for love. This can avoid the stigma of a traditional dating website, where some people may either have no love, or have no understanding of the power of gaming.

Like all online dating websites, it can have its dangers. If you suspect your online date to be a scammer with a fake profile, then stop all communication and report your worries to the site. Especially do this if any passing over of money is mentioned and you suspect your date may not be quite all he/she seems.

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