Finding The Best Police Boots Online

Police officers are constantly on their feet, but finding the best police boots can be a challenge. Especially if you’re trying to find the best possible deals online.

Boot size and build quality aside, there are numerous things to take into account. You must consider comfort and durability, water and weather resistance, as well as the ease of putting them on and taking them off.

Whilst you can find the best police boots online right here at Police Discount Offers, you should learn what to look for before buying. Here’s a quick guide.


Walking all day and running on all kinds of terrains is often challenging. That’s why investing in a pair of boots with excellent traction is essential. A few things that can determine traction include the material the sole is made of and type of grooves.

Ideally, the soles should be made of rubber or a synthetic material with similar properties. Natural rubber is preferred due to its resilience and excellent adherence to various surfaces.

Shock Absorption

Whilst the outsoles of your boots should have excellent grip and traction, you should also check the midsoles and insoles. They are responsible for comfort, and it is crucial to buy a boot that delivers ultimate comfort.

Some brands make police boots with memory foam insoles and EVA midsoles. They are an excellent choice, as this combination provides excellent shock absorption.

Why does it matter? Because as an officer, you’re not only likely to walk a lot, but you may also have to run on different kinds of surfaces. Improper shock absorption and an uncomfortable fit can lead to issues such as tendinitis or plantar fasciitis. 


Some police boots feature laces, others have zip closures, whilst a selected few models come with both. We recommend investing in boots with both laces and zippers. 

Laces are important because they allow you to achieve proper ankle support – you can tie them as snugly or loosely as you like. On the other hand, side zippers allow you to get the boots on and off easily. This feature is particularly important when you’re in a hurry.

Where to Get Quality Police Boots?

You can buy quality police boots online at Police Discount Offers. Committed to help officers get the best products at affordable prices, we offer up to 50% discounts on popular brands. Many high-quality options don’t exceed the £90 threshold, and you can find many other choices at lower or higher prices, depending on your needs and budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our range now to find the best police boots for you or your loved one.

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