Five Cool Games to Play for a Kid’s Fortnite Birthday Bash

Birthday parties are a great way to have friends over, play, and have some fun. And a Fortnite party? That’s double the fun! It’s one of the most popular video games to hit the market in recent years, and kids love it. There are a lot of elements in Fortnite that makes it so enjoyable, so why not take out some of these elements and incorporate them in a birthday party?

If you’re looking for some cool games to play at a kid’s Fortnite-themed birthday bash, these ideas are for you.

  1. War of the Nerfs

This game is perfect for kids who already have their own Nerf guns. If they don’t, you can easily purchase these toy guns from any toy stores for them to use during this Fortnite party game. Additionally, prepare protective gear such as a helmet and goggles for each player participating in this “war.”

Divide the yard into sections, and name each of them after a Fortnite island location. Assign players to these sections, one for each. In the center of the yard, make a pile of building materials (such as cardboard boxes of varying sizes), and then hand each player a Nerf gun and ammo. On your signal, the players will head toward the pile of building materials and grab as many as they can take with them back to their island or section of the yard. With a timer on hand, you then give players some time to build a fort and signal for the Nerf gunfight to begin.


  • The Fornite Island Is Shrinking!


Think musical chairs but with a Fortnite twist. Start off with one less chair than the number of kids playing. On poster boards about the size of a letter paper, make signs based off Fortnite islands, and tape these name boards to each chair. Position these chairs in a circle in the middle of the room, and have the kids dance the boogie around the chairs as the music plays. When the music stops, the players must sit on an available chair to stay on the game. Whoever does not find a chair to occupy will be out of the game, along with one chair. Continue until only one chair is left. The player who successfully sits on the last chair in the final round after the music stops is declared the winner.



  • Island Flip


For this game, you’ll need a large tablecloth or shower curtain. Divide the kids into groups of four or five evenly—the game gets harder the more players there are on a team. Each team will have their own island (the shower curtain), and the object of the game is to find out which team can flip their island over the fastest.

Have the teams stand around their shower curtains or tablecloths. On “Go!” all team members must place themselves on the island and then try to figure out a way to flip it over without members stepping off the island. If any one player steps off the island, their whole team will have to start over.


  • Fortnite Training Course


You will need to set up a sizeable obstacle course before the party begins. Include challenges such as fort-building or trampolines. Create a mud pit that the kids have to swing over to clear as well as a “tunnel” that they have to crawl through. You can also have a section where players that pass through have to evade water balloons thrown at them.

To play, divide the players into two teams, and have each team run through the course relay-style. Whichever team clears the training course the fastest wins.


  • Break the Llama Piñata


There’s no special strategy involved with this activity (except, maybe, in figuring out the best timing to hit the piñata while blindfolded), but it makes for a great ending to a fun-filled series of high-energy games. Also, everyone gets a treat. Simply purchase or make your own llama piñata, then fill it up with plenty of delicious candy and Fortnite-themed toys and stickers, including some chocolate V coins. Have the kids line up and take turns wearing a blindfold, do a couple of turns, and then step forward to try to break open the piñata. Free candy and toys up for grabs for everyone!

Complete the Fortnite-themed birthday bash with some cool decorations that would really set the mood for the event. And how about some game-inspired food items and desserts? After all, those games will surely get some hungry kids craving for some chow. Good luck, and have fun!

Photo by Joyce Adams on Unsplash

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