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I don’t think there is anything more beautiful and able to lift a room than fresh flowers. So a subscription service which delivers you a glorious bouquet of your choice every month is a total no brainer. With that in mind, let me introduce you to FlowerBe, a flower subscription service that is the brainchild of Lisa, an experienced, respected florist who has created floral decorations for the biggest and best in the showbiz world and is now offering that experience and talent to the general public.

FlowerBe is a simple concept, but a really good one. You have the choice of three bouquets each month and choose the one that most suits you, these range from short bouquets to regular (classic) sized flowers to my personal faves, the tall flowers that can make such a statement in your home. The flowers arrive in a box with water bags attached to keep them fresh, plant food to prolong their life and a fabulous flower journal that gives advice on how to arrange your flowers and also looks at current trends.


The subscription service costs £30 per month and includes free delivery on your nominated date. You can also order vases for your flowers through FlowerBe, which is a great add on for your first order and can then be used each month to showcase your flowers. You can also just order a single bouquet, either for yourself to try before you subscribe, or as a gift for someone else.

I love the idea of FlowerBe and that the flowers sent are beautiful, unusual and seasonal. The care instructions are easy to follow, and the long stemmed arrangements are a real centre piece, particularly for a larger room or display space. The bouquet I was sent had a real Christmassy feel to it and the scent was amazing.

If you love having real flowers in your home all through the year, FlowerBe could help to make your year a real bright and beautiful one.


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