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Once upon a time, there was only one possible way to cover the floors of your home, and that was with a carpet. A kitchen or bathroom may have been tiled, but living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms all had a nice bit of shagpile or Axminster to sink your feet into. But with the rise of laminate floors, people began to look at different options, realising that wooden style floors could look stylish, but were also practical and easy to clean, especially for people with young children and pets.

Today we seemed to have moved on even further, with the artificial looking laminate floors losing favour. We now want our floors to have the naturalistic beauty and solid feel of a hard wood floor, but this needs to be hard wearing and, again that word, practical too. Real wood can warp, can suffer shrinkage and swelling according to the weather, and this is not great when we are talking about floors. A great alternative that is currently popular is engineered oak flooring. This is a tough and durable option, designed to be similar in appearance to real wood, but without any of those problems of warping and shrinking that make wood problematic.


Engineered flooring comes in Oak, which is a popular choice, but there are other ‘wood finishes’ that you can also choose from. Another popular choice is the gorgeous walnut, and you can also go for different finishes, including vintage and reclaimed finishes for retro style living spaces, unfinished styles for rooms with rustic decor, and the more sophisticated brushed, lacquered and oiled finishes which would suit ultra modern living and dining rooms.

Brushed and Lacquered finish

Brushed and Lacquered finish


Distressed finish

If you are thinking of changing the appearance of your living space through engineered wood flooring, it may be worth visiting the Luxury Floor and Furnishings website because they offer the option of samples on many of their floors, which means you can make an informed choice that suits your room, your decor and your personality.

Do you have wooden floors in your home?

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