Four Surprising Benefits of a Kids Slide

Children seem to be spending more and more time indoors; as soon as they get home from school, they settle down in front of the TV or spend most of the night on the iPad. It’s easy to understand how these habits can have a negative impact on their health and development and, in the light of recent research findings, children are now being encouraged to get outside and be more active. There are so many benefits of outdoor play, and playground equipment – such as a kid’s slide – is a fantastic way to get them to ditch the computer games and head outside into the fresh air.

You couldn’t get a better example of good old-fashioned fun. A kid’s slide has featured on outdoor play areas for many, many years and it continues to be a hit with thrill-seeking and adventurous children. Perhaps it is the rush of adrenaline and excitement, without the fear of injury that does it. Children never seem to tire of this simple activity; so much so, they like to repeat the action over and over again and this physical exercise has obvious health benefits. However, the benefits of a kid’s slide are far more wide-ranging than this and here we take a look at each benefit in detail.

  1. Health and Fitness  

In a world where children need to be more active, any playground structure that encourages children to head outside and play in an open space is of great benefit. There is something particularly appealing about a children’s slide; we’ve all seen that one kid at the park who goes up and down, up and down the kid’s slide, time and time again. Of course, this level of physical exercise can only be a positive thing. It successfully burns off extra energy and calories, it increases the child’s heart rate and therefore – over time – would significantly improve the child’s fitness levels.

  1. Mental Health

Regardless of the time of year, being outside in the sunshine allows children to naturally absorb vitamin D. Much research has been conducted into this particular vitamin and it is now well-known that it can help to improve a child’s mood and mental attitude. Outdoor play has also been shown to make children feel happier and calmer; which is why many primary schools now adopt the daily mile – an initiative aimed at improving children’s focus in the classroom by getting them to engage in 15 minutes of physical activity. Your little one might not want to go for a run, but they will enjoy playing on a kid’s slide and this simple activity could have a very positive impact upon their mental health.

  1. Social Skills and Confidence

Slides for children are typically found in outdoor spaces and these spaces are often less crowded and less intimidating for children –  thus encouraging them to come out of their shell and be more sociable. Kids won’t think twice about queuing for a turn on the kid’s slide and, in this situation, it is much more likely that they will talk to other children and initiate new games and activities. This is a benefit that is often overlooked; however, such interactions can have a very positive impact on the child’s conversational skills and social ability. A kid’s slide will also encourage a child to challenge themselves; therefore, pushing their boundaries, getting them to explore something new and ultimately boosting their confidence levels when they successfully slide to the bottom.

  1. Balance and Coordination

The act of climbing a children’s slide can, in itself, be quite tricky. In order to successfully navigate their way to the top, a child has to first climb a steep ladder and then balance for long enough to sit down without falling. By encouraging the repetition of these actions, over and over again, a kid’s slide can, therefore, help to significantly improve a child’s balance and coordination skills.

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Outdoor play should not be underestimated and, it’s clear to see, the benefits that come hand-in-hand with a kid’s slide are very far-reaching. Aside from encouraging their health and fitness, a children’s slide can also improve their mental health, social skills, and confidence levels and it is important to take a trip to the local playground as much as you possibly can.

Alternatively, you could invest in a kid’s slide for your own back garden. Specialist providers, such as Wicken Toys Ltd, have now made it easier than ever to purchase your very own outdoor play structures and they currently offer an extensive range of slides for kids. This range includes both free-standing slides in different styles and sizes and slide bodies to fit onto existing play structures. It doesn’t matter how big or small your garden may be, you will find the perfect children’s slide to suit your requirements and – thanks to their transparent and honest approach to business – you can rest assured that any play structure you choose to buy will be priced competitively and fairly.

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