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Friction Free Shaving Launch at Bar Opus

When it comes to shaving, it seems women are getting a rough deal, and not just due to shaving rash. We tend to pay more for our products, and suffer with inferior bits of pink plastic. And, if we decide that we would like to invest in a better class of razor, like men are able to do, we find that these are just not available for women. Until now that is.

Friction Free Shaving is a start up based in my neck of the woods (i.e. Cannock, Staffordshire) that wants to give women the same choice, quality and value as men when it comes to shaving. It offers a subscription service where your razor blades are delivered straight through your door each month from as little as £3. With your first month’s subscription you receive your metal handle, and then each month you get 4 razor blades so you can change your blade every week, leaving your legs smoother, cleaner and ‘friction free’.




A couple of weeks ago Friction Free Shaving celebrated their 300th subscription and reaching one of their fundraising targets through crowd-funding by inviting bloggers to a special launch event and cocktail masterclass at Birmingham’s Bar Opus. Cocktails were created to celebrate the three ‘FFS’ shaving options, Faye, Frankie and Samantha, and there were games and fun to be had between making the cocktails.



I have attended a cocktail masterclass at Bar Opus before and they are great fun. (You can read about the previous adventure here.) This time the cocktails were varied, a fizzy Prosecco concoction with a rosy taste, a milky, honey and gin flavoured drink, and my personal favourite, a zesty lemon drink that would be fabulous on hot, sunny afternoons.  Making the cocktails was a real laugh, especially as we tried to get the layers right for the Prosecco based drink (I failed miserably), and with chants of ‘FFS’ ringing out, at times it was rowdier than a football match.








I had a wonderful afternoon at the event, and really love the idea of Friction Free Shaving, which is actually offering women a valuable and affordable service.



Welcome to the world of fashion-mommy, a world of fashion, lifestyle, theatre and fun. Enjoy the ride.


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