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When we talk about style classics, what do we mean? There are some items that every wardrobe should have that definitely fit the bill, the little black dress, the crisp white shirt, the classic string of pearls, indigo skinny jeans, a leather jacket…you can probably add more to this list, and now I am going to add one more to the list. The Breton striped top.

It was Coco Chanel who took the staple of Breton fisherman’s wear, the navy and white striped top with long sleeves, and made it into a fashionable piece. Wearing it with wide legged trousers, she created a look that was stylish and yet simple, highly effective in terms of chic,and yet also comfortable and practical. Since then, the mantle has been carried on by the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birken, Ines De La Fressange, Emmanuelle Alt and Kate Moss, all of whom wear this staple with aplomb.

This season, Boden has taken the classic Breton and has put its own spin on it. It is a perfect spring piece as the days can still get chilly, and this offers more coverage than the average t-shirt, but is still thinner than a jumper. Boden have added colours to the stripes, have changed the length of the sleeves so you can get short sleeves, 3/4 length and the traditional long style. They have added multi colour cuffs that are just gorgeous and add real interest to a often forgotten part of a top, and have also incorporated dots and mixed stripes into their designs. Plus, of course, there is the classic Breton, just in a range of different colours teamed with the traditional white.

Long Sleeve Breton – Navy Multi Cuff £28 Click to visit Boden
Short Sleeve Breton – Rosebay/Sea Mist J0178-BCK
£25.00 click to visit Boden
Long Sleeve Breton – Multi Stripe/Dot J0498-FUN
£28.00 Click to visit Boden
Long Sleeve Breton – Bold Blue/Iceberg Cuff J0498-COL
£28.00 click to visit Boden
Dolores Jersey Breton – Navy/Festival Pink J0626-NVY
£28.00 Click to visit Boden
Long Sleeve Breton – Ivory/Black J0498-BLA
£28.00 click to visit Boden
Long Sleeve Breton – Ivory/ Blue Lagoon J0498-BBL
£28.00 Click to visit Boden
Long Sleeve Breton – Ivory/Bold Blue Multi J0498-BSP
£28.00 Click to visit Boden

I love Breton’s and have one of Boden’s red and white efforts that I wear a lot. I team mine with everything from jeans to faux leather skirts and denim mini’s. They are definitely something that works well now with our more casual wardrobe, and they will never date, you will be wearing them for years to come.

I’ve been wearing my Breton too.

You can view all the current Boden Breton tops here.

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