Friday Fashion – Fabulous Fun Socks From Printsfield

If you are looking for a cool present that you could send through the post for a friend or loved one, or if you are just looking for a treat for yourself, then you must check out the socks from Printsfield. Printsfield is the home of adorable, personalised socks, socks which can literally carry any photograph you choose, from your favourite pet, a member of your family, even, and certainly in my case, your favourite football player. They are a great gift idea for Father’s Day as the packaging is easy to slip through a letter box if you can’t see your dad in person.

Printsfield is the brainchild of Jakob and Mykhailo and is dedicated to those who love their family, their pets and bright colours. Their ethos is simple,

Printsfield is all about happiness, bright colours, surprise and help.

And, with this ethos, they have also undertaken to support an animal charity, Animal Shelter, with 1% of all sales going to help this charity. I love that they create such wonderful, fun products, but have also decided to give something back with each one, making Printsfield socks a gift with a conscience.

Designing your socks is very simple and easy to do. You choose a picture, preferably a close up of a face that you want to include on your sock and upload this. You can then choose a background design from lots of different themes including love, fast food, Christmas and all other special occasions (another reason why they make such perfect gifts.)

I chose the Galaxy personalised socks for my design as I loved the use of colour on the socks, obviously inspired by out of space. I chose to have them printed with the face of Olivier Giroud, my fave footballer and number one crush. I stuck to one image on the socks, but you can add two or three separate images or faces to your design.

The socks have a feel of real quality about them, made from 60% polyester, 10% acrylic, 25% nylon, 5% spandex, they have stretch and are comfortable to wear. They also have cushioned bottoms – super soft interior lining at the bottom each sock. They are also machine washable.


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