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I don’t love leggings. Or at least that was true until I was introduced to the range from Love Leggings. These are different from any sort of leggings I have worn before in that they actually fit properly. The brand specialises in leggings of all types, from those that are suitable for fitness and the gym, to maternity leggings, and even leggings for children. I have been searching for the perfect pair of black leggings that I could wear for all occasions, and I think I have finally found them.

I remember leggings the first time around, the nasty 1980s versions that stretched with your body, but then never snapped back, leaving you with unsightly lumps around the knees and bottom. They were also thin, so thin that even classic black versions could be see thru, and certainly showed visible panty lines. My experience of 1980s leggings were enough to put me off for many, many years.

But then Love Leggings came along. The leggings, which come in a wide range of colours and go up to a size 5xl, are made from great quality fabric that ensures that they will move with your body, will wash well, and are not see thru, sparing your blushes whenever you wear them. These are leggings that you can wear as a underlayer when you are standing on the touchlines watching Sunday morning football, or wear to make your Summer dress transitional. They work well to give you body confidence when wearing a shorter, mini dress, and can look cool when worn with a t-shirt and a blazer or leather biker jacket. And, of course, they are perfect for gym bunnies and those who like to exercise, again due to the stretch and comfort levels.

BLACK HIGH WAISTED LEGGINGS £13.50 Click to visit Love Leggings

I wore my leggings with a dress and boots last week. The weather was cold and the leggings were much warmer than tights would’ve been, and also really support my legs. The design I am wearing are the high waisted classic design in black that are pictured above, and I can confirm they are comfortable enough to wear all day, and are not see thru in any way.

You can check out the full range of products from Love Leggings here.

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