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Friday Fashion – Lovedrobe Stripe Print Bardot Top

There are certain fashion trends that make a comeback after a period in the fashion wilderness, and then decide to stick around. Maxi dresses are one such trend, kimono jackets are another,  and now it seems we must add Bardot tops to the list. They made a reappearance last summer, and show no signs of leaving us, with High Street Stores and online shops full of a range of designs that all have one thing in common, they show our shoulders off to fabulous effect. And this is the major plus point of the Bardot top, because many of us will say we hate our arms, our tummies and our legs, but most of us have no problems with our shoulders.

Lovedrobe has a brilliant range of Bardot tops that show just why this sexy look is one suitable for everyone. Their range comes in sizes 16-30 and shows that this is a style that is as good on a plus size figure as it is on a slimmer physique. Lovedrobe have taken the trend, and have added beautiful flounced sleeves to it, perfect for those who hate their arms. They have also made the tops a little longer, covering up those problem tummy areas and making their tops so good teamed with skinny jeans. Their prints are also unusual and beautiful – in short, this is a range that is a total winner.


The Lovedrobe GB Womens Plus Size Stripe Print Strappy Bardot Blouse With Crochet Cuffs is just one of the beautiful Bardot designs that is making Lovedrobe such an exciting brand this Summer. It combines so many elements, from lace cuffs, to an almost business like blue pinstripe, and the addition of shoulder straps too for those who don’t want to feel too exposed. The pretty floral print raises this up – there are lots of pinstripes around this season, but adding a delicate floral print makes this top feel very feminine and pretty.

The lace cuffs give this a sort of vintage feel, and the elastication around the shoulders is comfortable rather  than tight fitting. The fabric is a silky feeling polyester, so many of these styles of top are in cotton, so this is a nice alternative.

As previously mentioned, the top is cut slightly longer which makes it great with jeans, but I have worn mine tucked into a denim skirt and I think that this works well too.  I picked out the red of the print with my shoes, dead ringers for Swedish Hasbeens, but actually charity shop finds that were originally from Tu. (Less than £5). This season’s choker necklaces also work so well with the Bardot style.

Lovedrobe have a really great range of Bardot tops, you can check out more here.

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