Friday Fashion: Protest Women

It has to be said that I have adapted my style over the last few years. Before this time, I didn’t own a pair of trainers, wore jeans with heels at all times, and would never have worn a hoodie. As a consequence, my feet were often covered in blisters and I was usually cold at outdoor occasions. Sure I was glam, but I suffered for my heart.

But a few things happened that changed my style, at least some of the time. My love of football grew to the point I became a season ticket holder at WBA, and there is frankly nothing more stupid than a woman in heels at the footie,and secondly, Joe started playing for a team, which meant Sunday mornings, in all weathers, on the touchline. So I needed to adapt my wardrobe to reflect this.

Protest clothing, and more specifically Protest Women, has become a bit of a saviour. You may know it as a place to get ski jackets for women or possibly men’s ski jackets, the perfect snowboard wear in fact, but in fact, their range of street wear offers really gorgeous, relaxed pieces that are just great for wearing on casual days, school runs and whilst enjoying outdoor sports.

They have a fabulous range of hoodies, both pull on styles and zip front jackets, that are fleece lined for extra warmth. I love that the colours are actually fresh and pretty, so you can equally opt for a navy blue, rather solemn, practical look, or a gorgeously pretty pink style with fresh looking white stripes, like the jacket I am wearing below. Also note the detail of putting the zip on the side, a real stylish design look. If hoodies aren’t your style, you could instead choose from the women’s fleeces, which offer that extra touch of warmth, and there are also men’s snowboard jackets which are just too good to keep for the slopes, especially if we have another ‘beast from the east’ in the UK this Winter.

Protest Clothing pieces are beautifully made and wash like a dream, meaning you will be wearing them all Winter long. The fact that they look great too is another bonus.

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