Fun Stockings Ideas They Won’t See Coming

Holiday season is almost here. Well, according to big box stores, it’s been almost here for about three months.

As the good tidings approach, it’s time to get your pointy, jingly thinking cap on and come up with stunning stocking ideas that your friends and family won’t see coming.

Here are some fun ideas to get you into the holiday spirit. Ho ho ho!

#1 A Sweet Gesture

If you’re more of a do-it-yourself kind of gift-giver, consider trying your hand at one of the trendiest crafts of today: embroidery! Not only is this a thoughtful, sweet gift, but it’s also incredibly fun to produce. Plus, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for kids and adults alike. 

Whether you’re embroidering a gorgeous image or a heartfelt affirmation onto cloth, top off the gift by placing it in a nice picture frame. If you feel like your sketching skills are sketchy, use an embroidery template to guide your hand.

Luckily, embroidery rings come in various sizes, including relatively tiny ones that fit perfectly into the fuzzy stocking of your choice!

#2 A Lump of Coal

You don’t have to be M Night Shyamalan to love a good plot twist.

Melt chocolate into these silly chocolate molds to trick your stocking-recipients into thinking they’re getting coal for Christmas, only to bite into a sweet surprise. 

Who knew being naughty could taste so nice? 

#3 A Practical Gift for Grown-Ups

For people who love cooking, why not get them a gift that makes their favorite pastime a bit more convenient? Stuffing their stockings with practical but somewhat uncommon gadgets like a cherry pitter or apple slicer will make their day and possibly earn you a yummy pie in the process—it’s a win-win!  

For adults more interested in skincare than strudel, stuff their stockings with some bite-sized skincare products, like a relaxing face mask or under eye cream. 

#4 A Fun Activity

Not every stocking stuffer has to be a physical product. Instead, you can buy tickets for an exciting activity for a later date. 

This could be:

This idea is especially good for those busy moms and dads that need an excuse to get out and get physical!

#5 Another Stocking

Some people just really need socks, so why not liven up their holiday season with this tongue-in-cheek gift? 

Not only will they never see this coming, but if they like Christopher Nolan movies, they’ll appreciate the stocking-within-a-stocking concept—a perfect gift for film buffs with perpetually cold feet! 

Play up the reference a bit more by stuffing the stocking with a spinning top and a copy of Inception. And if you know the right people, maybe invite Leo DiCaprio to the holiday party. Bet no one would see that coming. 

#6 A Classic Gag Gift

For those that like keeping stocking stuffers light and funny, opt for some hilarious gag gifts to fill your Christmas morning with laughter.

Here are some ideas for silly stocking stuffers:

  • A book of Shakespearean insults
  • A mug shaped like a toilet
  • A funny flask (for those aged 21 and older, of course)
  • For pet lovers, a unicorn horn for their dog or cat
  • Lumps of coal but, this time, they’re real (for people with thick skin, only)
  • A punny T-Shirt (make a custom one out of an inside joke as a bonus)
  • A tiny cardboard cutout of Rick Astley 

Just remember that everyone has a different sense of humor!

Don’t Forget the Love

What matters more than nailing your stocking stuffers is approaching the holiday season with love and generosity. As long as you’re enjoying your time with the people you cherish, Christmas will be more than rewarding—although fun gifts definitely help.  

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