Garden Activities For Kids

While you may have already designed a fabulous kid-friendly garden for your home, you must find a way to encourage your children to spend more time outdoors. After all, there are many benefits to spending more time outside (especially as we move into summer and the sun starts to shine). For example, playing outside: 

  • Can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety while encouraging children to engage in imaginative play.
  • Helps children learn more about the world around them. 
  • Encourages children to stay away from their gaming devices and computers while getting them moving. 
  • Improves cognitive function.
  • Can boost fitness levels.

With that in mind, here are some fun garden activities and ideas that your children are sure to love in 2021! 

  • Host a family cricket tournament. Purchasing an outdoor cricket set for your children, such as the children’s diamond mini cricket set, is the perfect way to introduce them to the sport and could very well lead to a lifelong hobby. Furthermore, studies show that cricket can help children develop both their coordination and balance. It’s also a great way to encourage friendly competition between your children, as you can host your own mini cricket tournaments in your garden! 
  • Treat yourself to a picnic. When the weather is nice, you simply can’t beat a good picnic – however, hosting your picnic in your garden can help promote the importance of social distancing during this time. This also gives you the opportunity for your children to develop some culinary skills – whether they are in charge of helping make sandwiches or icing the cake. You can then sit outside and enjoy the food you have prepared together. Don’t forget your picnic blanket & basket.
  • Grow your own vegetable patch. Growing your own vegetables can save you a lot of money over time and can also help your children develop essential skills that they can use in later life. Thankfully, you can get your hands on garden sets that are kid-friendly, meaning they are safe to use. When growing your own vegetables, start by focusing on those that are easier to grow and care for, such as beans, tomatoes and strawberries. Not only will they taste great, but they can also teach your children the importance of healthy eating. 
  • Go on a creepy-crawly hunt. If you want to treat your children more about the world around them, why not start in your garden? Whether they keep an eye out for buzzing bees or beautiful butterflies – write down a list of everything they discover and teach them about each creepy-crawler afterwards. You should also get your hands on a bug hunter set, which includes a magnifying glass and informative book which can be used to help identify the bugs they find throughout their journey. 
  • Read in the sunshine. After a busy day of running around and causing mayhem, you must teach your children they can complete a wide range of activities in the garden. For example, they could sit back, relax and read their favourite book. Encouraging them to take some time in the day for reading is a great way to help them develop their reading abilities! 



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