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One of the loveliest things about Spring and Summer is all the time we get to spend in our gardens. And whilst some of this time is dedicated to getting them spruce and ready for the season after the cold hardship of the Winter, so much more time is spent relaxing and enjoying our outdoor space, almost treating it as another room, an extension of our home.

When it comes to garden furniture, we are really governed by the size of our space, for every person who has a hot tub, gazebo and complete dining suite, there is a garden that has just about enough space for a bench. But taking an average sized garden as a starting point, here are the bits of furniture I would suggest investing in.


A Table and Chairs

These really are my number one garden furniture essentials, for not only do they allow for outside dining and outside entertaining (barbecue anyone?), they also allow you some outside living. For whether you have some paperwork to do, need to do some work on your laptop, or just have some homework or college work to do, having a table and chairs outside allows you to do this in the sunshine, which has to be a better way to work.

Size and style is dependent on your space, but make sure you have a decent, protective cover for outdoor table and chairs for when the weather does turn nastier. If you are worried about strong winds, you could opt for a style similar to a concrete park bench, which gives you the same look, but is less likely to blow over or be damaged in adverse weather conditions.

A Sun Lounger

I have to be honest and say that a sun lounger is my own personal favourite way to enjoy my garden. Whether you are soaking up some of the Sun’s rays, or just relaxing with a good book, there is no better way to do this than lounging around.

There are some stylish wooden versions of sun loungers, but if you are short on space, a foldaway version may be a more practical alternative, as it can be stored away in a shed or storage compartment when not in use.

A Parasol

One of the problems with enjoying the sun in the UK is that we forget all the things we would keep top of the list if we were abroad. I’m talking about sun protection. Even in our gardens, we still need some shade, and we still need some sun cream.

A decent parasol, either placed over a table or chairs, or freestanding so it can be moved around, is a good way of ensuring we get some much needed shade during the midday sun, keeping our skin protected from the fiercest of the suns rays.

What plans do you have for your garden this Spring/Summer?

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