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Get a Body Beautiful from Burton – and support a super Charity.

So blokes, your New Year’s resolution was to  get in shape, to get  yourself a perfectly toned six-pack. You had all good  intentions, even joining a  gym and buying new trainers for that early morning run.  But it’s been so cold, and there’s been darts on the telly, not to mention footy..and  all those good intentions have disappeared faster than  Kim  Kardashian’s wedding ring. Well, fear not, Smithy and Burton have created the perfect Adonis physique, and there’s not a  treadmill or exercise bike in sight!

Burton Trekstock t-shirt 

Yes the actor James Corden has teamed up with Burton to create a very special t-shirt to help raise funds for Trekstock, a  fabulous charity that raises both funds and awareness into cancers  that affect young people.  They do this through fashion, comedy and art, and then enter stage left Mr Corden, who actually designed this impressive t-shirt, drawing a very mouth-watering six-pack, a design sure to attract attention to every gorgeous guy wearing it!

I encourage all Fashion-mommy readers to buy this  t-shirt. If you’re a bloke, buy it for yourself and look the fittest you’ve ever looked in January. If you’re a lady, buy it for your other half, and get the bloke with the body you’ve always dreamed of! All net profits go to supporting Trekstock so this is a total guilt free purchase.

The T-shirt will be available in Burton stores and online at Burton.co.uk


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