Get Crystal Clear Pool Water With A Salt Chlorinator System

While traditional chlorination systems are commonly used, they aren’t the exclusive solution for maintaining pool cleanliness. Whether you’re installing a new pool or considering a conversion for an existing one, opting for a salt water chlorinator system presents a compelling alternative. Explore the workings of saltwater chlorinators and their durability, and discover the key reasons why choosing salt over traditional chlorination methods is a wise decision.

How Salt Water Chlorination Systems Work

A salt water chlorinator is also sometimes called a salt cell or salt generator. It utilises dissolved salt to generate the chlorine that sanitises the pool, rather than requiring the pool owner to manually add chlorine. These systems are not chlorine-free. Instead, they use the electrolysis of the salty water to produce hypochlorous acid, hydrogen gas, sodium hydroxide, and chlorine gas. The chlorine gas then dissolves into the water to eliminate bacteria, algae, and dirt. 

How Long Do They Last?

The lifespan of a salt water chlorinator cell can vary based on usage and pool size, but on average, they last around 5 to 7 years before needing replacement. Some brands offer prorated warranties that cover replacing worn parts during the early years. The longevity of the systems makes for slightly higher upfront costs, but it is worth it when the crystal clear water you’ll enjoy season after season without the constant chemical maintenance.

Why Salt Chlorinator System is Ideal for Everyone

There are many excellent reasons why a salt water chlorinator system is the ideal choice for pool owners who desire low maintenance and perfect water quality all summer long:

Manual Chlorination is Less Frequent

Since the system actively generates its own chlorine on site from the salt in the water, there is no regular need to buy, transport, and manually add chlorine, lowering exposure to the harsh chemical. System monitoring and occasional stabiliser or acid additions may be needed, along with checking salt levels every few months. 

Save Money on Chemicals 

The self-generated chlorine reduces the need for traditional liquid chlorine, cutting chemical costs significantly over years of use. Pool owners also save money on testing strips, algaecides, clarifiers, and other regular pool chemicals that are needed less frequently with a salt system.

Better for the Hair, Skin, and Eyes

The pure chlorine produced by salt cells is gentler on the swimmer’s hair, skin, and eyes compared to traditionally chlorinated water. The soft feel of the water makes swimming much more enjoyable and less drying or irritating for frequent pool users.

Far Less Chlorine Odour  

Unlike pouring liquid chlorine directly into the pool water, salt systems do not produce a strong chemical odour as the chlorine is naturally produced from dissolved salt. This keeps the air around your pool fresher during swims.

Less Chemical Maintenance is Required

The need for frequent testing and adjusting of chemical levels is significantly reduced with the use of a saltwater chlorination system, as it takes on the responsibility of automatically sanitising the water. Once the system is properly calibrated, pool owners find themselves spending less time on tasks such as managing pH, alkalinity, and chlorine stabiliser levels. This streamlined process not only saves effort but also ensures a consistently clean and healthy swimming environment throughout the entire swimming season.

Time to Make the Switch to a Salt Water Pool

For pool owners tired of constantly struggling against algae and improper chemical levels, salt water chlorinator systems provide automatic sanitisation with very low maintenance compared to traditional chlorination. They save money on chemicals while providing better water quality and easier care for your pool. It’s clear why more and more pool owners are making the switch and enjoying the numerous benefits that come with saltwater pools.

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