Get Your Feet Flip Flop Ready

We are now definitely in the realms of the Summer Holidays, and whether you are heading to Malaga or Margate, the chances are you are wearing flip flops as we speak. I love the freedom of flip flops, but they do require your feet to be in the most tip top of conditions, with particular attention paid to the nails and your heels.

With this in mind, O’Keeffe’s, who create the famous Gorilla Glue that can stick just about anything, have also created a range of concentrated foot care products that they label ‘hard wearing skincare’. The Healthy Feet range includes exfoliating foot cream that gives guaranteed relief to even the most extremely cracked and dry skin, whilst there is also a more general foot cream that can be used daily as needed.

I love these products. As a diabetic, my foot care is very important, but I do suffer from severe dry skin on my feet that can crack and bleed at times. I love that the exfoliating cream (my personal favourite) is thick and nourishing, and yet sinks into the skin very easily, and also has a non greasy formula so you can walk on bare feet without sliding all over the bathroom. It has a fresh and minty smell, always a favourite when it comes to foot care, and only has to be used sparingly – a little goes a long way thanks to the concentrated formula.

This is a cream that starts to make a difference the minute you start to use it, not only giving relief to your dry skin areas, but also leaving your feet feeling softer. That one use offers 48 hours of hydration, so if you are too tired to use it on day two, you can pick this up again on day three.

It is best used at bedtime and after a bath, and as part of your bedtime routine, you will soon have beautiful feet that will look great whether you are walking around the pool, or walking around the supermarket. All you will need to add is a quick file of those toenails, and a splash of polish.

You can find the complete range of Healthy Feet Products at Boots.Com

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