Getting In The Swim In 2018

As we near the end of 2017, and end the year with the most over indulgent festival of them all, our thoughts often turn to getting fitter in the New Year. Our New Year’s Resolutions are full of good intentions of getting in shape and getting fighting fit, and this is the busiest time of year for new gym memberships, many of which are already gathering dust by the end of the January.

But there is an easier way to keep yourself fit, to get into shape and have an awful lot of fun whilst doing it. Swimming is one of the best, and cheapest forms of exercise. It is one that you can do at your own pace, as part of a group, or even with your family. It can be done locally, doesn’t require an up front membership or massive monthly fees, the only thing it really needs is sensible swimming attire, so whether you need boys swimwear or a decent swimsuit, this is something you could put all that lovely Christmas cash towards.

Young Family Relaxing In Swimming Pool

Many towns and cities are appreciating the value of swimming as a sport and pastime, as well as something that could potentially save your life. In my own area alone, new baths have been opened in Bloxwich, Wednesbury and West Bromwich, with many offering free swimming for children and reduced rates for senior citizens. Most leisure centres offer adult only swimming for those who are serious about getting in the laps, as well as family sessions, mother and baby classes and free swim sessions.

Swimming is a healthy pastime with no age limit, and it is never to late to learn. My mom was a non swimmer until late into her forties, when, fed up of being stuck on the sidelines as her whole family had fun in the pool, she signed up for swimming lessons. Now she does a passable front crawl, not exactly Adam Peaty, but she can take part and have fun all the same.

Swimming is an activity that not only keeps you fit, but is also a great social activity too. Most pools have a coffee shop/cafe attached so you can meet friends and have a chat as well as keeping yourself active. It is also an activity that doesn’t require a great deal of equipment, you literally need a swimsuit or trunks. However, if you are planning on taking the kids you can have a lot of fun with inflatables, and toggles which aid diving and swimming under the water.

Swimming is fun, and that fun is not restricted to outdoor pools in sun soaked destinations. You can enjoy it local to you, an all weather activity that can be enjoyed by everyone during weekdays and weekends. If you are really looking to get fit and active in 2018, this could be a viable way of doing it that you won’t give up on after the first month.


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