Getting more fruit into your diet.

I have a confession to make, I don’t eat anywhere near enough fruit. It’s not that I don’t like it, I actually love most fruit, strawberries being a particular fave, along with melon, grapes and oranges, but most days I eat zero fruit, which is neither good for me, or a good example to set for Joe. With this in mind I have been thinking of some practical ways to introduce more fruit into our diets.

Try Juicing

A great way of getting a variety of fruit into your diet is through juicing. You can use a whole range of different fruits, and the internet is literally full of recipes that can be used to address different health issues, as well as cater for your particular tastes. The latest Panasonic juicers can also be used to create frozen desserts and iced drinks which are great when the weather is warm, or if you are having guests over (frozen Pina Colada anyone?)


Carry fruit in your bag

How many people carry a bar of chocolate in their handbag in case they get a case of the munchies? I’m guessing that there are probably quite a few people reading this who are guilty of the fact. Swapping that piece of chocolate for an apple or a pear is a simple, effortless way to add fruit to your diet, and to make snacking in between meals guilt free.

Packed Lunches

Whether it be a school meal option for your little ones, or the packed lunch you (or your partner) takes to work, having fruit in your packed lunch is both healthy and filling. Make it a treat to be looked forward to by choosing a variety of different fruits – I love all types of melon, combined with mango, these are just lovely and refreshing. Kiwi Fruits are great too, as the skin keeps them protected in your lunchbox.


Have a fruit dessert

If you always follow a meal with a pudding or dessert, try adding a fruit salad or a fruit based sorbet rather than a stodgy cake or ice cream overload. Another delicious option, especially with children, is a fruit jelly. You can even pick these up on the go – Boots and Tesco both do a great raspberry option that is just loaded with berries.

How do you add fruit to your every day diet?

8 thoughts on “Getting more fruit into your diet.

  1. Juicing is a great way to get fruit in! I love juicing and smoothies. I actually prefer eating fruit that way. The Panasonic juicer is something I’d really love at some point! It sounds great. xx

  2. Great post, I do try and eat quite a lot of fruit and I actually have just bought a blender to make more juices and smoothies! xo

  3. I love fruit juice, although apparently you are supposed to juice vegetables rather than fruit as fruit is high in sugar? I love mixing cucumber and apple – delicious!

  4. I need to top up on fruits. Last week i have been super super naughty! I ate 3 x in raw maccies and pizza all day! i feel genuine sick as normally I start a day with a healthy smoothie! Can you imagine?

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