Getting Your Garden Summer Ready

A few days of sunshine and blue skies and it suddenly feels a lot like Spring. I don’t know about you, but when the days are as lovely as they are at the moment, I want to spend as much time as I can outside, and I start to think about the garden. The best gardens are a haven, a beautiful place where you can enjoy the seasons, relax and feel at peace, they should be an extension of your home space and somewhere all your family can enjoy.

The garden basics are obvious, the weeding, replanting and general clearing up after the cold of winter all need to be done before you can start to think about what else your garden needs to bring it to the next level. But whilst you are getting on with this, you can forward plan and imagine some of the things that could make your garden perfect.

A Garden Hammock

Hammocks and hanging hammock chairs used to be something you’d think of from tropical climates (we have family in Spain who have a hammock on their large balcony, I found it hard to get off it when I visited – sooo comfortable.) But last years glorious summer showed that a cool hammock is a fabulous way to relax in your garden, and that the fact that you can now get very sturdy and hand wearing metal and wooden hammock stands means that you no longer have to worry about your garden’s lack of trees.

The great thing about modern hammocks are that they are portable, meaning you can move them around your garden to find that best bit of sun, and if you happen to move house, it will move with you. They come in a vibrant range of colours and patterns, and can often be stored in a carry bag so you can put it away if terrible weather is suddenly promised. You can get a single version, which your child will love and commandeer, or a double version to share with your babe.

Hanging Chairs

If you don’t want to opt for a full hammock (maybe you have a smaller space), then a hanging chair can give the same level of comfort and relaxation. Hanging chairs are cute and lightweight, a definite hit with teenagers who often opt for these in their bedroom as they are fine for both indoor and outdoor use.

You could either have a chair on its own as a garden feature, or match it to a hammock for a garden suite feel. Either way it is a stylish touch to add to any garden, one that will definitely make your garden more comfortable and the place you want to be when you just want to relax with a glass of wine and a good book.


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