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Getting Your Home Christmas Ready

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. And that means this is the time to make sure your home is ready, before you put all those decorations up. At Christmas, we get ready to invite friends and family into our homes, and this can sometimes mean getting those spare rooms ready for overnight visitors.

Our spare rooms can often be a little neglected, especially if they are not used much. Sometimes they become little more than store rooms, a place to dump all those things we can’t really put elsewhere. But if you do have guests coming, there are a few simple things you can do to make the room a little more person friendly, without breaking the bank.

Check out the curtains

Drawer curtains are so important, especially in Winter. They need to be thick enough to allow for a good nights sleep, and are a good source of insulation for more draughty bedrooms. A good place to look for good quality made to measure curtains is The Snug Company, who offer both blackout and thermal curtains which are just brilliant for bedrooms. Their designs include both bright coloured, patterned designs, and brilliant minimal, neutral shades that would match any style of decor and colour scheme.

Add Some Cushions

Cushions are a brilliant way to add cosy touches to a room, making the room feel more loved and lived in. If you have chosen curtains from The Snug Company, and are handy with a sewing machine, then their outstanding range of upholstery fabric means that you could match the cushions to the curtains to give the room a really uniformed, sophisticated look.

Use cushions on the bed, and on any chairs that might be in the room. Mix and match designs and sizes to create a stylish look.

Make sure you have a lamp

A bedside lamp is always a nice touch. It allows your guest to read a little, or to write in a diary before bedtime, and also means they don’t have to walk across a strange room in the dark once they have turned the main light off.

It may also be useful to make sure you have a socket that is not blocked by furniture so your guest have easy access for charging phones and other electronic devices they may bring with them.

If your room is one that you don’t use much, make sure to open some windows to air the room before your guests arrive, this will make the room fresher. Add some clean bed linen and you’re all set. Now all your need to do is open the mince pies and you’re ready for a very Merry Christmas.


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