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Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Sunday 19th June is this year’s Father’s Day, a day dedicated to all things dad. It has to be said that dad’s are notoriously more difficult to buy for than mom’s as they often prescribe to the ‘don’t want anything, or don’t need anything’ when they are asked, which can make it difficult to get them something that they would really like.

But. fear not, Fashion-mommy is at hand with a few ideas for even the grumpiest of Fathers. Ideas that won’t break the bank and yet should be able to put a smile on even the most irascible of dads. These ideas take into account what it is dads actually like, so there’s not a soap on a rope in sight, but instead ideas that dad should really like.

A Personalised Card

If your dad is from the ‘just get me a card’ school, then you need to make sure it is a nice one. A personalised card from Boomf is something that dad will probably not only enjoy now, but would be happy to keep to look at again over the years. Boomf cards are great in that they not only combine personalisation, but they also have bright, unusual designs that are also funny. If dad has a favourite sport, you could go down the route of the design incorporating sport, again adding a touch which shows you have really thought about your dad rather than opting for the generic.

Sporting Tickets

If dad is sporty, then there is a whole Summer of sport to look forward to. The cricket season T20 Blast is always a great day out, and tickets are reasonably priced so could give you the opportunity of giving dad an experience rather than just a present. This Summer will see the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, and many events still have tickets available, so this could not only be a lovely gift, but also an historic one. Football returns in late July, and many teams also have pre-season friendlies before then, with tickets being reasonably priced, often much cheaper than Premier League and Championship prices.

A Good Book

This one is definitely an idea from my dad’s handback. He’s an absolute bookworm, and is never happier to receive a book that he has on his ‘to read’ list. Top author choices for my dad include Conn Iggulden, Agatha Christie, Rory Clements and Stuart McBride. A book is always a special gift – a gift of knowledge, a gift that will give hours of pleasure to the recipient, and one that shows that you really know them, and what they love.

What will you buy your dad this Father’s Day?


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