Give Wine As Your Easter Gift This Year.

The children have only just returned to school after what turned out to be another very extended Christmas break, but already we are turning our thoughts to Easter. Good Friday is now less than three weeks away, and with it comes thoughts that, very soon, we will finally be turning a corner, being able to see our family in outdoor settings. This has us turning our thoughts to bbq’s, keeping our fingers crossed for good weather, and being able to enjoy a glass of wine outdoors. It really can’t come quick enough.

We all know that Easter Eggs and chocolate are a traditional gift for Easter, but if you shop at Independent Wine, you may actually be able to combine chocolate and fine quality wine in one gift idea. This Easter they are offering a special gift with all orders over £100 at – a set of exclusive Highland Chocolatier mini Easter eggs. Crafted from Belgian chocolate and stuffed with decadent praline, each of the mini eggs is wrapped in colourful pastel foil for a cheery touch of springtime colour. The nine egg selection includes white, milk and dark chocolate so there’s something to suit every taste. These opulent Easter eggs have been lovingly created by Ian Burnett, the Highland Chocolatier. The award-winning artisan is based in the Scottish Highlands, and has won multiple industry accolades for his outstanding Velvet Truffles® – which you can try in our indulgent wine and chocolate gift sets.

So what sort of wine should you give as a gift at Easter? Well when it comes to food, roast lamb is the dish of choice for Easter Sunday, so you should look for something that will compliment this dish. With a medium to well cooked piece of lamb a red wine is a superb choice. Look for something that is full bodied as lamb can handle stronger flavours. It may be worth checking out Independent Wines Top 10 wine list for 2020 in order to find something really special.

Of course, you could choose a wine that is a favourite of the recipient, rather than one that will compliment a meal, and this could then be enjoyed at any time rather than a meal time. The beautiful thing about wine as a gift for a wine lover is the fact that you know it will be savoured and enjoyed, whenever it is opened.

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