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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you can’t have failed to notice that this Friday (26th November) is this years infamous ‘Black Friday.’ Black Friday is notorious as one of the busiest shopping days of the year, both instore and online, following on from Thanksgiving in the USA, where after munching on turkey thoughts now turn to shopping for Christmas, grabbing a few bargains in the numerous sales that businesses offer in that last push towards Christmas. In the last few years it has also become a thing in the UK, with almost all retailers offering some serious savings, making it a great time to treat the family, and treat yourself at the same time.

Black Friday is notable for sales in the areas of electricals, toys and gifts, and gaming items, but it is not solely confined to those areas. This year, with Christmas parties now firmly back on the calendar, you might just treat yourself to items that are very firmly dedicated to getting you looking your best for your Christmas social cycle which hopefully will be including trips to the theatre, out for cocktails, and hopefully lots and lots of parties.

Cliphair Limited, the company that offers the very best in clip in hair extensions, have their very own Black Friday offers going live today (24th November). These include sales and savings that can help you to save up to £60 on your buys, allowing you a little extra cash to maybe buy a new dress to match with your new hair. You will also receive a surprise free gift with all orders over £30.  A full list of those sales and offers can be found by clicking here and all offers are live until Monday 29th November.

So Why Cliphair?

Hair extensions have become a big fashion story in recent years, and Cliphair limited offer some of the very best that are currently on the market. One of the main reasons for this is that they use human hair for their extensions of full head, and clip in, extensions. Real hair is preferable to synthetic styles for so many obvious reasons, not just the fact that they look so much better, but the fact that they can be washed, styled and even dyed, just like you do with your own hair.Because it is real hair, it can also last for years, making it not only a stylish buy, but a practical and affordable buy too.


The hair used by Cliphair limited is called ‘Remy’ hair. This means that it is “cuticle correct”, meaning all the cuticles on the hair shaft run in the same direction (downwards). This ensures the hair will stay shiny, soft and tangle free and makes it much easier to brush when you are styling it. Their styles come in more than 60 shades, so you will be able to find a match to your own hair if you want it to blend in, or can add a contrasting colour for a vibrant new look.

Why hair extensions?

So why, you may ask, should you consider hair extensions rather than just a new hair style? The answer to this is that there are many reasons why, which range from vanity style reasons, to wanting to try something new.

  • If your own hair is thinning. Cliphair extensions can add thickness and lustre to hair that may be suffering from the effects of too much colouring. They can also work if you are struggling with thinning hair due to the effects of the menopause, or even if you have naturally fine hair that often hangs limp.
  • If you want a change quickly. Cliphair can allow you to go from a short or bobbed style, to full mermaid locks in a very short amount of time. You may not want long hair permanently, but may be looking for change your style for a special occasion – i.e for your wedding day, or a special birthday or family party.
  • If you want to add some colour, but are trying to avoid dyes or bleaches. Dyes and bleaches are quick solutions to adding or changing our hair colour, but they also do lots of damage to your hair. Cliphair extensions could add a single streak of colour, Cruella style, or could work in the same ways dyed streaks do, adding high or low lights to your style.
  • If you just want to try a style or colour out. Maybe you’ve been thinking of growing your hair longer, but are not sure it’s for you. Cliphair come in full head designs, so you could try out a lot of different lengths to see if it’s for you.

Whatever the reason, with Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your crowning glory looking absolutely amazing.

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