Golden Globes 2011 – best, worst and trends!

Last night Fashion-Mommy stayed up until 2pm live blogging on the Fashion parade that was the 2011 Golden Globe awards. There were some amazing, and not so amazing looks on show on the Red Carpet. Now the dust has settled, I am going to update you on all the trends, the looks I adored and the ones that I could well do without.

Everyone’s gone GREEN!

No , unfortunately I’m not talking about all the stars becoming ecologically sound, I’m talking about what was definitely the colour of the night. Bottle green was a big story on the new carpet, and most of those who chose this colour wore it well. Angelina Jolie was my best dressed of the night in a jade shade by Armani, that proved that if she isn’t wearing black, a more vibrant shade is much more her sort of thing than wishy-washy Amanda Wakeley pastels. Mila Kunis looked stunning in green Pamela Roland, whilst Catherine Zeta Jones wore a dramatic dress that sort of resembled grass, but was also totally beautiful. Elizabeth Moss in Donna Karen  also wore the hot shade on the night.

Elizabeth Moss in Donna Karen

Angelina is totally stunning in Armani

Mila Kunis in Pamela Roland

Catherine Zeta Jones

Think Pink!

There were also some interesting pink looks on the red carpet, but not all of these were successful. I loved Claire Danes in Calvin Klein, her look was simple and elegant, and really suited her colouring. Julianne Moore’s Lanvin dress was not so good. It looked unflattering and creased, and was disappointing from the fashion-forward actress. Emma Stone wearing a peachy shade was amazing, but her hair colour makes me think of Lindsey Lohan, so I hope she goes back to her natural red colour soon. Her Calvin Klein dress was a successful look, which is more than I can say about Glee’s Lea Michele, in what looked like a 1980’s peachy/coral bridesmaid dress! This was designed by Oscar De La Renta, who I believe is best left to SJP and Penelope Cruz.  The Best Actress winner Natalie Portman sported a pretty draped strapless dress by Viktor and Rolf. This was fine, except for the giant red carnation that seemed to cheapen the look.

Claire Danes in Calvin Klein

Oh No! Julianne Moore

Emma Stone in a stunning peach dress

Lea Michele in a peach monster that escaped from the wedding singer!

Natalie Portman in Viktor and Rolf

Pale and Interesting.

The nude/neutral trend shows no signs of disappearing soon. Scarlett Johannson and Sandra Bullock both sparkled in neutral dresses, with Sandra sporting a new hairstyle, and Scarlett’s hair resembling Elsa Lanchester in The Bride of Frankenstein’. Nicole Kidman looked elegance personified in a Prada column dress with all over sequins. Anne Hathaway, a best actress nominee, also sparkled in an Armani dress with a plunging back. Tilda Swinton was androgynous in Jil Sander – a look I hated, whilst Carrie Underwood was beautiful in a sparkly strapless gown. Michelle Williams, who usually looks amazing, wore what looked like a 1970’s wallpaper print dress from Valentino, and got a definite no from me, but Helen Mirren showed that style is ageless in her nude dress.

Sandra Bullock

Scarlett Johannson in Elie Saab

Anne Hathaway in Armani

A disappointing look from Michelle Williams

Nicole Kidman elegant in Prada

Tilda Swinton looks like a nominee for best dressed male!

Helen Mirren - age appropriate and stunning

Mad Men = Red hot women.

Peggy may have been in green, but Betty and Joan were both red-hot at the Golden Globes. January Jones had one of the most talked about looks in Versace. The revealing dress left poor Ryan Seacrest lost for words and wondering where to look when he chatted to her on the E channel. Whilst I loved her Veronica Lake style hair and make up, I couldn’t say I was crazy about the dress, which just seemed a little bit too revealing for the red carpet. Christina Hendricks also sported hot red for a more successful look. She looked amazing, although I do think the flower could’ve been a tad smaller, or maybe she should’ve worn her hair up to improve the look further.

January Jones in Versace

Christina Hendricks

Who else got it right?

I just loved Olivia Wilde in chocolate-brown Marchesa. She looked beautiful in this glittery dress, and whilst it was big, she was beautiful enough and confident enough to carry it off. Sheer and shiny perfection!

Olivia Wilde in Marchesa

Amber Riley flew the flag for the plus sized fashionista, again getting it so right. Her form-fitting blue dress fitted her perfectly, and shows why she is making the best dressed lists all over again.

Amber Riley

Jennifer Lopez has received mixed reviews for her white Zuhair Murad dress, but I loved it. She reminded me of an early 1960’s bride, and with her neat ponytail and pretty make up, she looked just perfect.

Jennifer Lopez

There were also some good looks on display at the after show parties. Camilla Belle looked amazing in slate grey Armani, whilst I also loved Selina Gomez.

Camilla Belle in Armani

Selina Gomez

A special mention must also go to Livia Firth, who looked beautiful on the night in a soft grey dress. This was Prophetik’s ‘peace’ gown, made from what is called vegetarian silk. I think she looked amazing.

Livia Firth

And who got it so wrong?

As well as the already mentioned Lea Michele, Michelle Williams, Julianne Moore and Tilda Swinton. there were other fashion disasters on display. And non was worse than that sported by Helena Bonham Carter. For a beautiful women, she always manages to look like a crazy bag lady. The was no exception. She wore Vivienne Westwood and odd shoes. She made Westwood look like something picked up at a jumble sale, and has for the odd shoes…they should be left in the realms of court jesters!

Heidi Klum managed to turn up in a dress from Marc Jacobs that looked like a holiday sarong made from a whole heap of faded scarfs.

Heidi Klum in Marc Jacobs

I know she is meant to be a serious fashionista, but I don’t get Leighton Meester, and this occasion was no different. I thought her Burberry Prorsum dress looked just dated and aged this beautiful young girl.

Finally…as much as I loved her red carpet outfit, what was Jennifer Lopez thinking at the after show party. She sported a silly little dress from Marchesa that looked suspiciously like one of the nightdresses worn by Olive in the 1970’s series ‘On the Buses’. Whilst this dress may have been fine on someone younger – I would love to see Leighton Meester in this, one Jennifer it just looked plain stupid!

Well, on to the screen actors guild awards. Join me for another live feed on twitter at plussizemomof1.

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