Good Contacts For Your Food Business

For many people, a dream of owning your own company is a real fairytale, a chance to be your own boss and to do something you’ve always wanted to do. But that dream can quickly become a nightmare if you suddenly face problems with your premises. If your business is based around food, either in the form of a restaurant or cafe, or in a store like a deli or independent farm shop, this can be even more desperate, as your stock is perishable and has a short shelf life.

Here are some contacts that you will need to have in order to make your food business safer and more viable.


Cold Storage

Safe cold .food storage is absolutely essential for a cafe or food shop and you may need to consult a company that specialises in commercial refrigeration services.This is even more important if your restaurant or store specialises in meat, fish or poultry and needs to be kept at a set temperature.

If you are looking for commercial refrigeration services, I would strongly recommend looking for one that has a good level of aftercare in case of emergencies. Look for one that also offers fast repairs and a twenty four hour repair service so you can sort problems if they occur without too much downtime and loss of business.

Your Local Food and Safety Team

When you start any new business that concerns food you need to contact your local council food and safety team. They will give you lots of information in regards to food standards, hygiene requirements , and will also be able to address and answer any questions you might have, whenever they occur. Remember, at the very least you need to have food hygiene certification, whether you are opening a chip shop or hoping for some Michelin stars. Most local colleges offer this sort of training, and all your eventual staff need to make sure that certification is up to date.

Your Suppliers

You need to keep your list of suppliers updated and they need to be on speed dial. Try to build up a good relationship with your suppliers, have regular delivery times and days so that you always have exactly what you need and there are no misunderstandings that can leave you in the lurch.

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