Graceland Ladies Beige Ankle Boots From Deichmann

There are some boots that will take you from day to night, and then there are some boots that are just made for comfy, casual days. The Graceland Ladies Beige Ankle Boots from Deichmann are just those boots. In a cute Western Cowgirl style, these are boots that are comfortable and stylish and look great with a pair of jeans. Plus, I have been able to work a mile in these without any rubbing, blisters or sore toes. That totally makes them winning in my book.

Graceland Ankle Boots £ 24.99 Click to visit Deichmann

The Graceland boots are a semi slouchy style, not completely loose – they keep their shape well, but they are quite easy to pull on.  The boot is just above the ankle and has a side zip fastening, although this does not go all the way to the top of the boot, but is more to aid pulling on. The heel is a Cuban style making these great for those who avoid flat heels. The heel is not too high to make walking difficult, at just 5.5cm these are still a very comfortable option.

The textured fabric the boots are made from is very suede like and gives them a lovely brushed look.  The boots are also available in black, but I loved the natural beige shade as I think they would also look cute worn with bare legs as the days get warmer. The sizing is generous, you can easily go true to size, even if you intend to wear them with thicker socks or tights.

I wore my boots with skinny jeans for a day at the match.  This involves a walk of about a mile once the car is parked in order to get to the ground. This proved to be no problem in these boots, they remained comfortable and also hard wearing, I was really impressed as they cost less than £25 – a real bargain.

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