Gudrun Sjoden – taking inspiration from the Far East

This Spring, Scandinavian fashion legend Gudrun Sjoden is taking her inspiration from Far Eastern travels, with collections inspired by Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and China. With new Spring/Summer campaign imagery chocked full of beautiful settings and gloriously colourful clothing, this might just be Gudrun’s best ever work.

Li- Wei dress £99 Click to visit Gudrun Sjoden

Li- Wei dress £99 Click to visit Gudrun Sjoden


Ubud dress £65 click to visit Gudrun Sjoden




Review of the Kimono Jacket coming up next week.


Gudrun’s collections are based on great quality cotton and organic fabric, beautiful prints taking inspiration from a wide variety of settings and sources, and wonderful use of colour that reflects the vibrant nature of the designer herself.  I adore the styling for the campaigns, it is always a little bit wild and avant garde, with clashing colours and prints thrown together to create unforgettable looks. But I do think they are also a little bit editorial, and with so many pieces put together, the beauty of individual pieces can be lost.

As a Gudrun fan, I was thrilled to be sent some pieces from the current collection. The first piece I am going to review is the Ubud dress in the black print. This is a gorgeous, shift style dress in stretchy cotton. It is part of the range inspired by Indonesia, with a Balinese Ubud continious pattern all over the dress. It is sleeveless, but looks great teamed with a cardigan, making it the perfect piece for both Spring and Summer. Indeed, I think this dress will look amazing worn over a bikini on hot Summer holidays, and with the none-crease nature of the fabric, I will definitely be packing this come June.

“Ubud” dress in modal £65 click to visit Gudrun Sjoden

“Ubud” dress in modal £65 

I wore this dress last weekend, a sunny but cold day where tights and a jacket were still most definitely required.  I left the dress loose, but think you could easily add a thick belt if you wanted a more fitted look. As it is, it makes great weekend wear, comfortable, non- crease, and really versatile. Imagine adding sandals for a Summer’s day picnic in the park, or a denim jacket and ballet flats for another casual weekend look.



Adding a jacket


At the New Walsall Art Gallery with Joe.

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14 thoughts on “Gudrun Sjoden – taking inspiration from the Far East

  1. Thank you. It is comfortable, one of those stretchy frocks made for two puddings!

  2. Love that first dress and the kimono jacket. The Ubud dress really suits you and looks like it is very comfortable to wear. Non-crease is always a plus point too!

    • Absolutely, because if there’s one thing I hate with a passion – it’s ironing!

  3. Now that is my kind of dress, soft, stretchy, comfy…but still looks great. I love to travel with these types of clothes, you can roll them up small, but they don’t wrinkle or crease, and you can mix and match them for different looks. I really like it.

  4. You had me at stretchy cotton and non-crease material! The perfect holiday wardrobe. I’ve never heard of this collection so will be exploring more! Thanks!


    • I know! The exact same words that always pull me in, makes the dress a no-brainer in my view.x

    • That’s one of the things I love about it, think I might be allergic to ironing!

    • Thank you – my dream is to make ironing obsolete, but no such luck with a 6 year old!

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