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Happy 1st Birthday Nosh & Quaff

Last week saw one of Birmingham’s most popular and unusual restaurants celebrate it’s 1st birthday. And, because this is the restaurant that saucily encourages its patrons with the suggestion ‘Let’s Get Messy’, Nosh & Quaff celebrated in some style, with Pornstar Bellinis, live entertainment and some fabulous new dishes. It was quite a night.


Nosh & Quaff is a restaurant that I had not visited until last week, mainly because of its reputation as the best place to eat Lobster in Birmingham. As everyone I know seemed to have tried the said lobster – getting messy in the process, and as I hate lobster, I didn’t think this was the place for me. Last week proved just how wrong I could be.


Because Nosh & Quaff is about so much more than lobster, it is the place to find the best meat dishes in Birmingham, many of them with an American feel. It creates burgers that are so much more than a patty on a bun, and makes onion rings into a work of art. In short, it is comfort food with a serious style edge – you leave sated, satisfied, and needing to undo your top button. Yes, that good.


The star for me last week was the cheeky burger, a succulant hearty beef burger made up of dry-aged, naturally reared beef and braised cheek, topped with truffle mayo, pickles, cheese and crisp onion rings. It is hard to describe just how delicious this burger is, the beef is soft and juicy and with all the other ingredients it is literally an explosion of flavours in your mouth. This is the item on the menu I would choose over and over again, especially when ordered with a side of ‘blooming onion’ which is an onion that has been kept whole and deep fried with batter to create a crispy delight, this is teamed with special house sauce that was so good we asked for more.


Other dishes which impressed included the Beef ribs that are slow cooked in hickory smoked molasses glaze. The meat literally fell from the bone it was so soft and tender, while hubby enjoyed the pork ribs, especially as they were dusted in mustard.  The Mac and Cheese is something I usually avoid, tending to find it sickly, but here it was a lovely balance for all that meat.  We also tried the wings that were coated in habanero sauce. These are perfect for those who like a little fire and heat in their food, the spicy habanero certainly packs a tasty punch, but this can be cooled down with the addition of Stilton Mayo (the only thing I wasn’t keen on, to be honest, but then stinky cheese is not my thing.).



Nosh & Quaff continue to create delightful dishes that work for leisurely lunchtimes or a more substantial evening out with the partner or friends. With a vibrant atmosphere and the slightly naughty feel to the food, it is a place I am really looking forward to visiting again…and yes, I will be ordering another cheeky burger.

I even found room to fit in a dessert!
Selfie with the hubby!
Selfie with the hubby!



Nosh & Quaff

130 Colemore Row

Victoria Square


B3 3AP

0121 236 4246

Click here for website and menu.


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