Happy Birthday Mapiful

If you have celebrated a birthday this March (like my hubby whose birthday it is today, Happy birthday Pete), then you are sharing a birthday with Mapiful. Mapiful is the website where you can create unique custom prints of the moments that are closest to your heart, and is celebrating it’s 5th birthday, or, as they put it, five years of sharing memories, and as part of the celebration they have launched a brand new product ZODIAC PRINTS!

Mapiful create maps and posters that are perfect to commemorate any and every occasion. This could be the place you met or married your partner, your birth sign, or the birth sign of your partner or child. You could chose a place that is special to you, where you enjoyed a special trip or holiday, maybe where your parents met, the list and scenarios are positively endless. The fact that you can choose anywhere to create your map of, or any star sign, makes these a lovely gift idea, especially in the current climate.

The maps come ready to frame and you can chose a range of styles and text for each design. The black and white design you see here is the modern design, but you can also have a design that is has a black background called ‘asphalt’ that is also very striking. There are also blue, coral, pink and red colourways if you also want to tap in to a favourite colour or match a home colour scheme. You can also change the size of your print, starting from 30x40cm, and you can also change the orientation from portrait to landscape – maybe in order to fit a specific space on your wall?

Mapiful products are just wonderful mementos of your memories, and are also really stylish additions to your wall space too. Currently you can save 25% if you buy two prints.


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