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Have You Considered A Career In Teaching?

Whether you are a graduate at the start of your career journey, a student just about to embark on exams, or someone who is looking for a new career pathway, a teaching role is one that should be seriously considered. Before I became a mother, and a blogger/writer, I had a long and successful role as a teacher, one which I now look back fondly at, one which I enjoyed immensely. Teaching is a rewarding job, it demands hard work and commitment, but the rewards are immense – it truly is a job  that can shape lives and young minds, a role where you know you are making a real difference. You can look at primary, secondary or further education, or could start at the start with early years training.

Why Teaching?

There are many reasons why you may decide to look at a career in education. The first is, that like policemen, firemen and doctors, it is a career with longevity, something that is always needed. This gives some level of job security which is so important, particularly if you are trying to get on the property ladder, or want to start a family. You can find all sorts of roles within schools, from general teachers to teaching assistants, using a service like i-teachers, which is a teaching and teaching assistant agency, and this can take some of the legwork out of finding that initial role, something that can be quite daunting.

You can find lots of benefits through teaching, it is a steady income that has the capacity to grow each year due to increment points and promotions, and so it can help you to get onto the property ladder. You can use a specific Mortgage Broker For Teachers in order to help you find the best deal in mortgages if you are a key worker, particularly if you are looking for your first home and getting that initial step up.

Room For Progression

If you are committed and driven, a role in education doesn’t have to stand still, there is a lot of scope for promotion, whether it be through taking on leadership of a key subject or a key stage, advancing into management, or through adding a specialty for a role of importance – for instance leading the school in special educational needs. If this is not for you and you’d prefer to just teach well, this is also an option, but promotion is something there is definitely a real prospect if you work hard and prove to be good at your job.

Practical Reasons

There are also lots of practical reasons that cannot be taken for granted. Most towns and villages have at least one school, enabling you to opt to work locally or further afield. Many schools do accept job shares, which may be ideal if you have a young family, and you can always opt to work through an agency if you want to do supply work, choosing which days you work.

Many comment on the long holidays, and these can make it a great career choice for a parent, as you at least don’t have to worry about childcare when your own children are off – an absolute nightmare for many parents.

The Kids

But the main reason to choose a career in a school setting has to be the kids! No two days are the same, no two classes are the same. They will make you feel exasperated at times, they can make you cry, but there’s no feeling like when they get that lightbulb moment and you know something has registered, and there won’t be a day when you don’t laugh out loud.


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