Have You Tried A Laundry Service?

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also the busiest. On top of all our usual work and family commitments, we now have to order presents, decorate our homes, wrap the said presents and literally add task after task to our already crowded lists. In addition to this, our social calendars can become quite packed, with parties, visits to family, Christmas shopping and meet ups, school plays, panto’s, Christmas fetes, the list is quite literally never ending.

But the house and all its chores remain unforgiving. We still have to cook, clean and do all that laundry. Or do we? The cleaning definitely has to be done, but you could reach for a takeaway menu just this once to cut down on the cooking, and maybe you could try out a laundry service, especially if you have some very special pieces that need cleaning in time for Christmas.

Laundryheap is a 24 hour laundry service that is known as the Uber for laundry. The service is a home pick up laundry service that enables users to have their laundry picked up, washed and delivered within 24 hours. It is an easy to use service which can be booked online or by downloading and using the app, and also offers dry cleaning, and ironing for an all round easy laundry experience.

The service is currently available in the UK in London (where the company is based), and also in Manchester, Birmingham and Coventry, as well as i Dublin, Dubai, Sharjah and Amsterdam.

I love the idea that you can have your washing collected from your door, and then back again ready to wear, or at least hang up, within 24 hours. I love that using the app you can track your collection and delivery in real time, and that they have live chat support for any questions you might have about the service before you opt in. The dry cleaning option is just brilliant at this time of the year, when we have clothes that we just can’t throw in the washing machine – that special dress, the tuxedo suit, items for a black tie night out, even that perfect velvet dress that you always wear on Christmas day.

If you are struggling under the strain this year, maybe you should try out the Laundryheap service and give yourself a little break, leaving your time to do something else.


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