Have You Tried Bubbleology, Bullring?

I am a tea drinker. I love a strong cup of builders brew, one that’s hardly been troubled by milk, and I’m quite partial to a frozen tea (I’m thinking Starbucks Strawberry and Lime variety). But I have to admit that bubble tea was a craze that had passed me by. But not now. Yesterday I paid my first visit to Bubbleology in the Bullring and enjoyed one of their bubble teas, opting for the Strawberry and Mint Bubble Fizz.

For the uninitiated, Bubble tea is a Taiwanese recipe made by blending tea with milk, fruit and fruit juices, then adding tasty tapioca pearls and shaking vigorously. The tapioca pearls, or boba as they are usually referred as, give the tea a unique taste and also add a touch of interest to the look of your drink. Bubbleology have a wide range of boba flavours that can be added to their drinks and suggest you take a selfie before you shake the drink as the combination of fruit, green tea and boba gives the appearance a weird and wonderful vibe.

Bubbleology began in Soho in 2011 and is now a leading bubble tea brand, with multiple stores across Europe and the USA. The Bullring store is bright and beautiful, with the vibrant boba taking pride of place on the counter tops. Bubbleology Birmingham is a stand-out lifestyle brand that appeals to people of all ages, serving a variety of fruit and milk teas, create-your-own brews and skinny drinks. When I visited yesterday only a take out option was available, but bubble teas do make a great takeaway option, especially on warm days.

All the teas use freshly brewed organic tea, are 100% vegetarian, handmade to order and many are available in light versions. They are also extremely tasty, my strawberry and mint bubble fizz was refreshing and sweet, a really lovely combination that I would definitely opt for again.

Bubbleology Birmingham believes in giving something back, and supports Drop4Drop, which goes towards building fresh water wells in developing countries.

If you’re in and around Birmingham this weekend, why don’t you drop in and try something a little different.

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