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Help! I need a new camera!

One of the most important tools a blogger can have is a camera. Recording important events, shooting pictures for reviews, and just generally taking a picture of anything and everything that might be useful or interesting at some point, a camera becomes like an added appendage, as important as the left and right arm. Which is why, right now, I’m in the middle of a major crisis.

Even without the blogging, I totally love photography, and always have. I take literally hundreds of photographs:- of my family, of my outfits, of my holidays, it is true to say I never travel anywhere without a camera. I have photograph albums everywhere, and use multiple online storage devices. Over the past ten years I have gone through a range of cameras, having at least three different superzoom cameras from the Panasonic range. Most recently I loved my Nikon Coolpix, but over Christmas, disaster struck.

You can’t part a blogger from her Camera…

Spot the Camera part 1.
number 4
And part 2…
Number 5
With Sunni from Wardrobe Mag at a Primark opening – camera at the ready.
Snapped by Katie from Live 24/7 mag at The Saturdays Bullring show, camera once again at the ready.
number 3
Love this image with Emily Jayne at Harvey Nichols fashion show.

Sometime over the Christmas holiday, my camera has mysteriously broken. One minute it was working fine, I then left the room and when I returned the camera would no longer zoom properly. It will still work and take a photograph, but it takes soooooo long to get the zoom to work properly, it is creating a whole lot of lost photo opportunities. There is a secondary problem that the camera will, on occasion, just freeze up and not take any photograph at all. This caused a few problems at the Strictly Come Dancing press call, when photographs with Alison Hammond and Kristina Rihanoff never happened for this precise reason.

So I’m now on the lookout for a new camera. I’m thinking I would still love a traditional looking digital for press events, but maybe a superzoom compact camera for occasions when a tiny clutch bag would be preferable to a large tote bag. I’m again looking at the Panasonic Lumix as I find these really easy to use, but would welcome any advice or recommendations.

What sort of camera are you using at the moment?

Love the look of these.
I love the look of these.



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