Helping Your Child Develop Their Vocabulary

Developing a wide range of vocabulary is imperative for a child’s development. The size of their vocabulary by the age of 4 can be a great predictor of their academic success once they reach the age of 16. A broad set of vocabulary helps to boost social skills and confidence which will be needed throughout a person’s life. Alongside what is taught inside the classroom, it is very important as a parent to assist your child with their vocabulary skills. Majority of the words a child knows is found in their parent’s vocabulary so parental involvement is one of the most motivating and effective ways to develop a child’s vocabulary range. It can be very easy to integrate through day-to-day activities. Here are some top tips on helping your child develop their vocabulary.

Have two-way conversations with your child. Don’t just sit there and allow your child to listen to you discuss things. Be sure to ask them open-ended questions but they will be able to answer and allow them to ask you questions back. These conversations can be about how their day has been what they would like to have for dinner. The idea is to get them to practise more so that they gain confidence when using newly learned words.

Don’t simplify your vocabulary to accommodate them. Make sure your vocabulary is as wide as possible when you speak to your child. Don’t feel afraid to use new nouns to name things or adjectives to describe emotions. Speak to them as they were speaking to another adult. These types of words are what your child will need to understand and know in order to succeed at school.

When your child is learning a new word don’t forget to repeat it constantly. A child typically needs to hear a word between 4 to 12 times before it is embedded in their long-term memory and added to their vocabulary. Be patient and don’t give up!

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