Helping Your Child Find Their Passion

We all have things that we’re good at and are motivated by. These internal motivations are important for children to understand as it can help them to learn about who they are and their calling. By doing so, they can make the first steps in their career and learn about their strengths and weaknesses before that point by dipping their toe in a range of activities. A prep school in Chelmsford shares more on helping your child find their passion below.

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Extracurricular Activities

Schools aim to help their students holistically. They assist their self-discovery by putting on a wide range of extra-curricular activities in which they can get involved in. Sporting activities to those that are subject related and just for fun. 

Speak to Them

As simple as it sounds, speaking to your child about what they enjoy can open their eyes to the things that they want to explore and help them to find their passions. Try to draw on past experiences and their reasons to build a bigger picture of what it is that excites them.

Share Your Own

Exploring new things and carrying out hobbies when time allows can show children that it’s important to do the things that you enjoy. As they tend to copy their parents, they will want to explore their own passions.

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Help Them with Their Homework

Helping your child with their homework allows you to make observations. You can learn about how they like to work and the things that they are good at. This can help you to draw up a list of potential hobbies that they may be interested in.

Let It Come Naturally

Forcing your child to take up a sport or join a club can only end badly and put them off. When helping your child with this, be sure to encourage them to do what feels natural and let them take the lead.


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