Helping Your Child with their Social Skills

Every child has a different set of skills; some need help with maths or science, while others need help to develop their social skills. They all grow and mature at different rates and parents should always do the best they can to help where possible. Having good social skills will help your child, both now and in the future, in terms of personal relationships, school and even in their career. Read on for some advice from a private school in London.

Teach your child about emotions and how they can be expressed, both verbally and using body language. This will help them identify how other people are feeling so that they can then demonstrate appropriate behaviour and responses. Explain to them the basics of good manners and kindness, so when they see someone crying they can empathise and offer a helping hand.  

For young children, playdates with their little friends are essential. It’s crucial that you support their friendships, as these are key to good social develop. Having a friend round teaches them to share, take turns and generally be polite to guests. Explain to your child how important it is to make a guest feel comfortable and be sure to practise acceptable ways to interact with others. Many kids don’t really understand that everyone requires personal space, so this is something that should be discussed. 

Throughout their school life, it’s worth encouraging your child to get involved with extracurricular activities, as these are great for boosting confidence and encouraging good social development. For example, if they join a football team they will learn the importance of teamwork. 

As a parent, it’s vital to always model good behaviour so that your child can replicate it. Be respectful and polite when ordering a meal in a restaurant and be friendly and courteous to other parents in the playground. Your child will pick up habits from you, so try to always be on your best behaviour.

If you are truly worried that your child’s social development is a little delayed, it might be worth considering professional support. A therapist of psychiatrist will be able to determine the underlying problem and help treat it. It’s also wise to speak to your child’s teachers, as they will be able to keep an eye on them and look out for issues such as bullying.

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