Helping Your Kids with their Confidence

Confidence is such an important trait throughout life and can determine whether or not we are happy in our own skin and successful in our careers. Parents can help their children develop confidence in many ways, as explored below by a primary school in Cambridge. The sooner you help them find their self-assurance, the sooner you will notice them excel in different aspects of their lives, whether academically or personally.  

Be selective with your compliments because if your kids hear them too often, they start to lose their meaning. Your children need to know which of their accomplishments are truly worth celebrating. For instance, there’s no need to praise them every time they brush their teeth or wash their hands, but if they get good marks on a spelling test then they deserve your admiration.

It’s also worth being selective with your helping hand. In other words, try not to rescue your child every time they need you because then they’ll never be able to make mistakes that they can then learn from. Kids need to know that failure is normal and obstacles can be overcome. If they have your help all the time, they will not become confident in their ability to do things without you.

Optimism and confidence go hand in hand, so try to be positive around your children. If they feel defeated by school grades or losing a sports match, it’s your job to help bring them back up and encourage them to always “look on the bright side”. Try to help them come up with a plan to come closer to their goals next time. 

Help your kids by fantasising about the future and what they’re likely to achieve. If they can imagine themselves succeeding when they’re older, they’re sure to feel more confident now. No matter how old we are, thinking about our goals for the future always gives us the little push we need to take risks and try new things.