Hemp Infused Natural Moisturiser From drbotanicals

Mention the word ‘hemp’ and you might think of 1960’s hippy types in rather questionable clothing. But hemp Hemp seed oil is actually known as ‘nature’s most perfectly balanced oil’ since it is formed of all 21 amino acids which are present in the ideal ratio for absorbing into the body. It is also extremely rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids which are key components for maintaining healthy skin and plumping tired, dry skin. All of which makes it a great basis for a moisturising skin cream, especially one for ageing skin, and problem skin. We all know we can help what nature gave us, with facials, lip fillers, and botox becoming viable options, but this cream is one that you can just stick in your bag and apply whenever you need it.

The drbotanicals Hemp infused natural nutrition moisturiser is the latest addition to their minis range that are perfect handbag sized and so useful for traveling. It is a lovely light and creamy product, that may initially shock you as it is green in colour, but it sinks right into the skin to leave it feeling very soft and smooth.
The cream also smells divine, which may be down to the fact that it also contains cocoa butter and sweet almond, which when mixed with the hemp give a lovely fresh and clean smell that just slightly lingers after application, making it pleasant rather than cloying.
This is very much a product that will appeal to those that also like their own beauty to be ethical. It is cruelty free, is 98% natural and is also vegan, so it ticks lots of friendly product boxes. The company also explains why it is good for the planet, saying:-
Are you eco-conscious? We certainly are! Hemp seed is a lovely ingredient as it supports sustainable farming and it great for the environment because the plant is so efficient at growing, it does not need herbicides or chemicals to help it grow! It also needs very little water to grow!
The drbotanicals Hemp infused natural nutrition moisturiser is a gentle product that can be used daily, best after washing in the morning to provide daily protection for your skin.
The drbotanicals Hemp infused natural nutrition moisturiser is available in a 30ml tube, click here to view.

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