Hip Hop Style And The Rise Of Men’s Jewellery

Men’s jewellery has had a real surge in terms of popularity in recent years. Men have always worn pieces of jewellery – a wedding ring, a signet ring or sovereign have always been popular, whilst a St Christopher necklace and a watch seem to have a place in every man’s life, but lately the wearing of jewellery has moved to new heights, with ‘bling’ no longer being the confines of just women, and jewellery being both a symbol of style and success for men.

One of the reasons for this has been the rise and rise of hip hop culture, with men’s jewellery from brands like Helloice becoming a status symbol and as much a part of an outfit as shoes or a cap. Hip Hop stars have long been fans of chunky oversized jewellery set with lots of sparkling stones, this is true if you look back to RUN DMC and the Beastie Boys in the 1980s, whilst LL Cool J was rarely seen without his thick gold chains. More recently, the likes of A$AP Rocky and Offset have moved away from the more masculine forms of jewellery pieces and instead of opted for feminine pieces, totally subverting the macho look of early hip hop.

If you are looking to adopt this look and add some jewellery to your Summer looks, here are some styles the Helloice suggests are good options to elevate your day to day look.

What men’s styles are big for Summer 2022?

A Cuban link chain. The classic and a great starter piece if you are just starting to wear jewellery. A piece that can be suited to your style, in a choice of metals and of size of links. You can choose whether to opt for a plain metal finish, or one embellished with stones.

The beauty of a Cuban link chain is that it is the statement piece, and so can be worn with a simple plain or slogan print t-shirt, with jeans, or with a tracksuit and it will totally work.

Iced out pendants 

Pendants are definitely a new area for men’s jewellery. Again, taking their cues from hip hop culture, which have long since utilised the dollar signs as an appendage to large chains, these days, anything goes. Lions, Egyptian Pharaoh masks, thunderbolts, crosses, letters, literally all designs are a focus for iced out pendants.

An Icy Watch

Even the person who says no to jewellery as a general rule will probably change that rule for a nice watch. But a plain face and leather strap really doesn’t cut the mustard these days, a watched needs to be blinged into an icy watch. Icy watches are statement pieces that draw attention to your wrist, even if the rest of your wardrobe is a more dressed down look.

Icy watches at Helloice come in a range of colours for both the embellishment and the face, and can come with a plain chrome strap if you want it to be all about the face and dial. These watches are beautiful works of art.

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