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HJ Hall Sock makers since 1882

HJ Hall are a true Midland heritage story. Founded and still based in Leicestershire, the name HJ Hall has become synonymous with the finest quality in socks, both for males and females and for a range of uses, from fashion to highly technical, sturdy walking socks. They also developed the ‘soft top’ design which was designed and created to alleviate problems caused by tight elastic around the top of socks. These are now celebrating more than 25 years in production and are a clear market leader in their field. Softop™, and the brands Diabetic socks, are the only socks endorsed by The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. All Softop™ socks come with an unconditional 6 month guarantee of wear. When it comes to socks, HJ Hall know their business.


I was keen to try some of the socks for myself, especially as I love products that are manufactured in the Midlands and so have a local slant to be proud of.  I also suffer from diabeties, so have to be extra careful when it comes to caring and looking after my feet. I was sent some beautiful products from the fashion socks range, these combine really pretty modern designs with the characteristics that make HJ Hall socks so special.


Many of the fashion socks range are made from supersoft bamboo. This makes it supersoft, but also gives the socks anti-bacterial and deodorising properties too. This allows your feet to breathe when you are wearing the socks, super important as the weather turns colder and we wrap our feet in Uggs, wellies and other types of boots that do keep them warm, but can also make them sweat. These socks are also friendly to the environment as Bamboo is a sustainable resource.

I love my HJ Hall socks

DSCN9180[1] DSCN9183[1] DSCN9185[1]

With Christmas coming up, and with socks being a well known favourite gift for dad, grandad and other male relatives, I would definitely recommend adding a touch of luxury to a Christmas stocking this year with a pair of socks from HJ Hall.

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