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Autumn is renowned as the season when an umbrella is a handbag essential that needs to be carried every day. This Autumn we seemed to be escaping the incessant rain…right up until last Monday, when it started, and then never seemed to stop. I have quite frankly never done a wetter school run!

Award winning childrenswear specialists Holly & Beau have tapped into the worst of the British weather and have created a fabulous range of childrenswear that actually changes colour in the rain. The designs include raincoats and umbrellas that only burst into full colour when the rain starts to splash down. Once they are dry, they return to their original shade. Holly & Beau almost make children wish it would rain down!


Holly & Beau Pink Cupcake Umbrella £14.99 click to visit Holly & Beau

I was sent a lovely umbrella from the range that was emblazoned with cute cupcakes, but then I hit a small problem. The umbrella was too big for my toddler niece to carry by herself, and Joe refused to carry an umbrella with cupcakes on it (although he thought it was very cool when it changed colour!), so what to do? The answer is actually very easy. I totally fell in  love with the kitsch design – so pretty and girly, and this brolly was actually more sturdy and substantial than many adult brollies that I have got in the past (and thrown in the bin at the first sign of a storm as the wind blew them inside out.) So the answer my friends is that I am keeping and using it myself! The pure 1950s vibe is amazing, and a real talking point.



The design before the rain gets to it.

The umbrella works so well, it is easy to put up and down, no struggling in the rain with this. Once the rain starts to hit the fabric, the cute white cupcakes become a blaze of colour, with pink, lemon and blue cakes all festooned with icing and cherries. It really is lovely to see the colours becoming unveiled, and children really are fascinated by it. (Joe thought the colours would drip off like paint!). As you can see, this is quite a large umbrella, more than big enough for both Joe and I to stand under.


Look what the rain has done to the brolly!


A close up of the print.



I think these are a great buy for a christmas present, and at £14.99 each I think they are reasonably priced. I do have one request from Holly and Beau – Joe would love one of these with dinosaurs, or robots, or spaceships – how about one for the boys?

*I was sent an umbrella from Holly & Beau for review purposes.

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