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Home and Interior Focus: Fabulous Bathrooms

With Spring just around the corner, our thoughts may start to turn to home improvements. During Winter, the thought of having doors wide open as builders, plumbers and electricians walk in and out of our homes is not that attractive, but with the coming of Spring we finally get those jobs done that have been waiting, whether it be a complete refurb of a room with the fitting of a new kitchen or bathroom, painting and decorating, or changing our current flooring.

This post is looking at some bathroom inspiration, featuring some of the most stylish bathrooms from film and TV. A bathroom revamp can take many forms, from changing your current bath tub to a stand alone design (both vintage looking and contemporary), to removing your bath altogether in order to add a walk in shower. You may decide to keep your current suite, but to change the accessories – light pulls, taps, storage units etc, in order to create a new look, or add a different colour scheme.

Whatever you opt to do, it has to be said that a bathroom is a room that is well worth spending money on. It is a place where you can relax and unwind, shaking the cares of the day away, whether it be under the warm jets of your shower, or the soapy suds of your bath.

Here are a few of my favourite bathrooms from the world of TV and film.

The Brown’s bathroom in  Paddington

My love of the Paddington movies knows no bounds, and I am rather partial to the Brown’s colourful, vintage style bathroom. The coloured wood panels give it a very modern feel, but the role top bath and the retro style radiator gives the room the sort of vintage feel that is totally appealing.

This bathroom is spacious, roomy and the perfect place to relax. Great for human’s and bears alike.

M&S Twiggy Bathroom

Who remembers those iconic M&S adverts that had a wealth of stars looking fabulous in the stores latest ranges? I loved those adverts, and in particular, loved Twiggy, the legendary 60s icon of style and beauty.

Avocado green was the height of style when it came to bathrooms in the 1970s, and I love this mock up of a 70s bathroom, complete with carpet and enormous bath mat, and all in that shocking shade of green. It may not be contemporary taste, but it could never be described as boring.

A Bathtub big enough for Two

The best bathtubs are certainly big enough for at least two people to enjoy, and the movie world is full of gorgeous tubs that totally fit the bill.

One of the most famous bathing scenes has to be in the film ‘Pretty Woman’, where first we see Vivian (Julia Roberts) enjoying the tub whilst listening to a Sony Walkman (it was the 90s!). Later, in a far more sensuous scene, she shares the same tub with Edward (Richard Gere).

Another wonderfully romantic bathtub made for two scene is in ‘The Notebook’, where Rachel McAdam and Ryan Gosling share a bath in one of the most romantic of all movies.

Performance, the 1970 film starring Mick Jagger, also had a shared bath scene in a rather glorious Art Deco style bathroom, but as there were three people sharing that bath, we are starting to slide into the realms of naughtiness!

Do you have a favourite film or movie bathroom?


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