Homes And Interiors: Staircases, Internal Doors And Lighting

We hear so much about new year, new you in regards to people, but the same can also be applied to our homes. The period just after Christmas is one when we have to take down the decorations and this leaves our homes looking blank and bare. This is a little depressing, but is also an ideal opportunity to make home improvements, because of homes are like a blank canvas, in an ideal state for a change or a makeover.

Here are a few home improvements that can make your space aesthetically pleasing.

Investing in a Beautiful Staircase

Your stairs are probably one of the most neglected parts of your home. A route from a to b, a necessary feature, but not something that you particularly think about when it comes to style. This is a mistake, particularly if your staircase happens to be in an exposed space which makes it a feature, or even in your living room.

If you are thinking of changing, or developing your staircase in order to make it a more stylish feature, or to update your look by changing it for something more contemporary, you should consider the work of the  Fontanot stairs designers. Fontanot is the place to buy contemporary staircases, with a range of exquisite designs that come in various colours, finishes and materials. including oak, birch and even zinc.

Whether your fancy is for a traditional style spiral staircase, a winder style or a square staircase, you will be able to find something that fits your desires. If you are looking for something that is a real talking point, and matches with a more urban, edgy interior, you could even consider a suspended staircase, which seems to defy the laws of gravity.

Internal Doors

Another sadly lacking feature of our homes, changing your internal doors can totally change the look of a room, help you to create a theme, and can even bring more light into a room.

You could extend your doorway to change a single door to French style doors, or could change a solid door to something with glass panels, something that could definitely improve the look of a room if natural light is an issue. Doors can also create a mood for a room that can compliment the style of a room, for instance, if you favour a period style you could opt for original doors from that period found through a reclamation yard, or could chose a modern reproduction to gain a similar look.


In the same way that changing your internal doors can lead to an improvement in the look of a room, changing your lighting can have the same effect. In your living room you should opt for a softer, more relaxing lighting as this is the room where you want to wind down after the toils of the day, with brighter lights chosen for the kitchen.

LED lights are now a good choice if you love ultra modern style, whilst chandeliers have also made a return, particularly for bedrooms, or those with ultra modern tastes. If budget is a problem, you could just opt to change your shades for something more minimalist, or in a new colour to give your room a lift.

Are you making any homes and interiors changes this January?

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