How Businesses And Companies Are Becoming More Eco Friendly

Whether you are a small business owner, or a large multinational corporation, your business can no longer rest on its laurels when it comes to the environment. All companies, big and small, have a responsibility to make itself as ecologically sound as it can be, thinking of everything from its waste to its carbon footprint. More and more we see that our planet is not ours to destroy, but that we are caretakers with a lifetime tenancy and need to do the best we can to preserve it for future generations.

So, how are business and industry becoming more Eco friendly?

Reducing those paper chains

Offices and businesses consume enormous amounts of paper, from emails and memos, to manuals, pamphlets, posters… the list goes on and on. Many companies are now aiming to be paper free, not everything sent electronically needs to be printed out, an email can go to multiple addresses, meaning everyone has the info without the need for lots of bulk photocopying. Even bills and invoices can now be sent electronically, without the need for a single piece of paper.

Where paper is used, recycling is key.

Sustainable Packaging

In the pursuit of eco-friendly business practices, an essential aspect is the adoption of sustainable packaging solutions. Companies are increasingly recognizing the environmental impact of traditional packaging materials and are actively seeking alternatives to reduce their carbon footprint. From biodegradable options to reusable materials, businesses are exploring various avenues to align their operations with eco-conscious values. An emerging trend in this endeavour is the use of custom logo tissue paper by Arka, which not only adds a personalised touch to packaging but is also crafted from sustainable materials, contributing to a more environmentally responsible supply chain. As the demand for sustainability grows among consumers, incorporating such eco-friendly packaging practices becomes not only a responsible choice but also a strategic one in fostering a positive brand image and meeting the evolving expectations of conscientious customers.

Powder Coating, not painting

Machinery in factories and plants needs to be protected in order for it to last. One way of doing this is through powder coating. This protects the machinery that companies depend on ensuring that productivity is kept at a premium. Powder coating gives a more durable finish than liquid paints, and is also far more environmentally friendly, as it often lacks the solvents found in traditional paint.

Tomburn, who offer powder coating as one of their services, explain:-

Businesses from all sectors are expected to do more to increase sustainability and reduce their carbon footprints. The lack of solvents used in powder coating makes it a vastly less damaging option for the environment in comparison to conventional liquid paint finishing.

If your machinery lasts longer, this is also so cost effective and reduces your factory waste.

Looking at Electricity

One way that companies have been looking at being more ecologically friendly is by looking at the energy the business uses. Many companies and factories are now harnessing the use of solar panels as a way to provide energy without actually using electricity. Some companies have been able to apply for grants to switch to solar energy and hence make their business cleaner and friendlier to the environment.

If you do still use electricity, switching to energy saving bulbs and looking at installing skylights which could make lights redundant for periods of the day, especially in Summer, could also cut down on your energy use.

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