How Can I Regain My Identity As A New Mother?

When you have recently gained a new child within the family, whether that be through birth, adoption, or fostering, you might feel like you have lost a part of yourself along the way. Although being a parent can bring you large amounts of joy, pride, and accomplishment, looking after a child can take the majority of your time, leaving precious little left for you. It can be a good idea to still find ways to keep hold of some of your former identity, even as you navigate this new part of your life. 

Let’s explore some ideas, below.

Many women find that when they look good, they also feel good. While appearance may not necessarily be the most important thing in the world, you may want to look at things that make you feel happy. Browsing through a range of diamond necklaces can help you to add a bit of bling into your wardrobe, and even let you reward yourself for your hard work. In addition to this, a piece of statement jewellery to mark your parenthood can allow you to cherish and wear it for years to come, allowing you to look back on this time with fond memories. After all of the strain on your body, and your mental health, buying yourself something nice can be quite a welcome treat.

Making a bit of time each day or week for self-care can also be quite important for both your physical and mental health. Contrary to some beliefs, self-care is not necessarily about being selfish. Instead, it can be about undertaking activities that allow you to gain some peace of mind, and unwind from the stress life can bring. This could involve embracing a hobby, or even going for a bit of pampering time at a spa. Self-care can be important for a parent, as it can allow you to return to your responsibilities feeling that much more refreshed.

Communicating can also be key to helping you figure out any identity problems when you become a new parent. This could involve talking openly with your partner, friends, family, and even medical professionals. You may find that your partner is also facing some similar issues. From these discussions, you could gain a greater amount of support, or at least get some of your worries off of your chest. In addition to this, positive communication with your partner can help to strengthen your relationship, allowing you to parent a little easier too. 

Speaking with your medical practitioner could also help to diagnose any post-partum depression a lot sooner, allowing you to get help if needed.

In Conclusion…

Spending a bit of time on things that you enjoy can allow you to still have some of your previous lifestyle, even when you bring a child into the family. Some women may find themselves grieving the loss of previous activities or even their figure, so it can be important to be honest with yourself regarding your feelings.



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