How Did Adele Lose So Much Weight?

If you’ve been glued to the latest celebrity news recently, you’ll have noticed that there’s a lot less of British singing superstar Adele than there used to be. The big-selling songstress has shocked the paparazzi and the British press with her newly slimmed-down figure, and in the process, she’s had everyone wondering how she’s achieved such an incredible result in a comparatively short time. If you’re one of the people who’ve been wondering, then wonder no more. We have the answers for you right here!

You’re probably wary about the idea of starting a new diet, and we don’t blame you. The majority of us have attempted more diets than we can count, and with very mixed results. A lot of women feel that dieting has become as unpredictable as playing online slots on website like Amigo Slots. We can sympathize with that. You don’t know what’s going to happen next in an online slots game until you’ve paid to take a spin, and nor do you know what impact a diet might have on your body until you’ve paid to try it! Dieting, like online slots, will always be a gamble. Based on the amazing pictures of Adele, though, we have evidence that this one works – and so we think it’s worth giving it a try. 

It might please you to know that Adele doesn’t put her weight loss down to dieting alone, so she’s not trying to sell a miracle weight loss plan. She’s balanced some dietary changes with some lifestyle and exercise changes, and she’s done so to amazingly good effect. One British tourist who spoke to her in Antigua says that the singer is claiming to have lost as much as 100lbs in weight. Looking at before and after pictures of her on the internet, we think she might be right – so let’s look at how she’s done it! 

Stop Taking Sugar In Tea And Coffee

The British love of tea is famous all around the world. It’s one of the things that people most closely associate with the Brits, and it’s also the reason that the country was so furious when the Americans poured so much of it into Boston Harbor. Americans don’t drink quite as much tea – but they do drink coffee, and they often take sugar with it. Because it’s such a small thing, we often don’t consider the impact of the sugar we put in our regular caffeine hits, but we should. If you have three or four teas or coffees each day and you put sugar in each one, you’re passively taking on a lot of sugar, and it’s bad for your weight. Adele stopped putting sugar in her tea around two years ago, and she says that was the beginning of her weight loss journey. 

Start Lifting Weights

As anybody who’s dropped a significant sum of weight knows, losing weight is only half the battle. Loose skin can be a serious problem after the weight is gone, and most of us don’t have the celebrity option of going to see a surgeon to take care of the problem. If all Adele had done was shed the pounds, she wouldn’t look as tight and toned as she does right now. She’s found a way around the issue by lifting weights. She told Rolling Stone magazine that she was a fan of weight lifting in a 2016 interview, and so we can probably partially credit this healthy habit with her trim, athletic appearance. 

Try The Sirtfood Diet

We might be imagining it, but it feels like every ‘new’ diet that’s captured the attention of the press in the past few years has involved either going vegan or going vegetarian. That’s fine if you’re happy to give up meat completely, but some of us will never get bored with the taste of bacon. That’s why we find the Sirtfood Diet interesting, and it appears that Adele agrees with us. The diet promotes eating plant-based foods, but only as part of a healthy meal plan that also includes meat. Those who champion the diet claim that certain plant-based foods contain sirtuin activators – chemical signals that boost your metabolism, and therefore encourage your body to burn fat faster than it would if left to its own devices. In what we’re going to call a win, dark chocolate and red wine are both approved on the Sirtfood menu. 

Take Up Pilates

We warned you that Adele’s new look wasn’t down to dieting alone, and this is what we were warning you about. Weight lifting is a pretty strenuous activity, but it’s got nothing on pilates. Nobody has ever said that pilates is easy – and we’re not about to start now – but nothing worth having ever comes easily. Adele apparently got switched on to pilates through instructor Ayda Field, who is the wife of Adele’s fellow British pop star Robbie Williams. Pilates will stretch every joint, muscle, and sinew you have – but the end results will be worth it if you go about your new exercise regimen with discipline and determination. 

So there you have it. If you put all of the above together, you have the approximate formula of Adele’s life-changing diet. We’ve all seen the pictures, and so we all know how dramatic her body transformation has been. There’s no such thing as a magic bullet when it comes to trying to shift weight and keep it off, but the approach we’ve outlined above has to be worth a try if you, like us, are still counting the cost of all those extra Christmas calories. 

As for Adele, the next big question after ‘how did she lose all that weight’ is ‘when is she releasing new music?’ It appears we might get an answer to that question quite soon. There were rumors that a new Adele album would be released in time for Christmas 2019, but that turned out not to be the case. All the usual showbiz ‘insiders’ are claiming that she’s written plenty of new music and she’s been busy in the studio – so if we had to place a bet, we’d put money on having something new to listen to from the super-talented star by the middle of this year. I can’t wait! 

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