How Do Chores Support My Child’s Overall Development?

Chores sound like the bane of every child’s existence, unless you’ve been blessed with a child that enjoys them! But there are benefits to giving your children chores, as explained by this private boys school in London.

They allow your child to be independent 

Your child’s getting the most out of handling day-to-day activities by being given their own level of responsibility. Chores rely on a child to handle something you’re usually in charge of, so it gives them a huge level of confidence if they feel they’re strong enough to handle a task normally reserved for adults.

Children are taught teamwork

Being a part of a team is a huge area of development for a child. In school, especially during class exercises and sports activities, children have to work in teams in order to complete a task or perform at their best.

Chores often rely on teamwork in order to get something done quickly and efficiently. For example, if you’re in charge of mopping the kitchen floor, then ask your child to wipe down the kitchen surfaces with detergent. It’s a good way of showing you can work together to make good results.

Chores develop a strong work ethic

You may be surprised how many of these cleaning responsibilities and chores you had when you were younger could be applied in our first jobs. In fact, a lot of jobs require you to clean down surfaces and keep areas relatively tidy, even if you work in an office. Use this as an opportunity to train your child for many aspects of their future. 

At some stage your children will also be moving out of your home and will need to be prepared to pick up many more chores. Training them early on can prepare them for what’s thrown at them when they’re young adults.

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