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How I have created the perfect morning routine

As you already know, I am not a morning person! I do try, but it is hard. When that alarm clock goes off, all I want to do is turn over and sleep for another four hours. Unfortunately, I can’t do that. Recently, I have tried my best to revamp my morning routine, so I thought I’d share my findings with fashion-mommy readers.

Here is my perfect routine – I hope it helps you too.

Get a soothing alarm clock

Ok, one of the major problems with my old alarm was that it sounded quite harsh. The last thing you need is something buzzing at you in the morning. So I switched it. You can now get soothing alarm clocks that wake you up gently, rather than shocking you into consciousness. You might want to get an alarm that wakes you with natural light or the sound of birds singing. It might seem odd, but these things will wake you up much better than a loud noise. Also, if you sleep with your curtains open the daylight will prevent you from falling asleep again.


Take a shower (not a bath)

If you take a bath in the morning,  it will take you so much longer to get ready for the day. Instead, you should be taking showers. This tip is one that has helped me loads, especially since I tend to take a while getting myself ready each morning. If you don’t happen to have a shower with your bath, you can get an enclosure for the room. Jump in the shower right away and spend no longer than three minutes there. Once done, treat yourself to soft, fresh towels so that you feel really refreshed. This might lead to you wondering how many sets of towels should I have, particularly if I am showering every single day? The answer is that is up to you, but try to have a set for each person in your home, so, if like me, you have an (almost) teenage boy, you’re not having to share with them!

Choose your towels well, better quality will last a lot longer, even with multiple washes, and, for me, a white towel is always a sign of luxury. Treat yourself to a matching white bathrobe for that lux hotel effect.

Set your clothes out the night before

Do you spend ages deciding what to wear? Yes, me too! When you first wake up, though, your brain needs a little time to warm up. That means that it will take you longer to make simple decisions than it usually would. That explains why it takes you half an hour to decide what skirt to wear each morning. What you need to do is start setting out your clothes the night before work or school run. That way, you will find that it is easy to get yourself ready in just a few minutes.


Put on your favorite track (and dress yourself)

Part of the problem with me is that I tend to procrastinate. I will start dressing and then find something to distract myself. That is the last thing you need in the morning. I have found that this little trick works a treat. Put a song on your phone and start dressing. The aim is to make sure that you have all your clothes on when the song finished. Giving yourself a goal means that you will ignore any other distractions. Plus, this idea can make a fun morning game. (You can also try this idea with your kids if they are slow dressers too.)

Keep your makeup simple

How long do you tend to spend on your makeup? Ten minutes? Thirty minutes? An hour? If you don’t have time to waste, you can’t afford to spend that amount of time doing your makeup. Instead, you need to get a simple makeup routine and stick to it. There are loads of guides on YouTube that will help you with this part of the routine. The more you practice, the quicker you will get. Again, you should set yourself a time limit for this part of your morning routine.

If you follow my tips, I am sure that you’ll perfect your routine just like I have!

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